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Would you believe me if I told you……

Boo hoo, I feel quite sorry for myself this week.  As each day has passed, I thought it could only get better, but in fact it’s got worse…….

This week has been a whirlwind of extraordinary activity – a lot of which I knew about and lots I could control.  However, at times things go wrong……..

It started on Monday when I had a house full of boys and the boiler deciding to ‘almost’ self-combust.  Not having a clue what to do, I made a  desperate, almost ready to cry call to British Gas who told me to release the pressure.  Of course, I hadn’t a clue what they were going on about, but nevertheless it got done, someone came round and ‘fixed’ the problem.

Tuesday was parents’ evening which fortunately went very well, although there are a couple of budding bullies in Jack’s classroom which needed addressing as he has been on the receiving end of it……..

Yesterday was when it all came to a head.  We are due to have a range cooker  fitted today and our old cooker taken away, but Comet ordered the cooker with Rangemaster but failed to book in fitters to install it, despite us paying and booking it in for the same day…… I have an existing cooker pulled out in the middle of the kitchen, a new one being delivered today but completely useless as we now can’t get it fitted till next week.

Whilst still in a complete rage,  I went off to pick the boys’ up – got in my car and the ABS warning light came on……………

Within a mile radius of us, a lot of cars have had their ABS wires broken – I was the next victim.  This is the bit where it becomes unbelievable – following an extensive police investigation and forensic analysis, they’ve discovered the culprits are in fact not human, but animal – squirrel……..yes folks, you’ve heard it hear first. 

Hubby had a good look at the cable under my car and it’s quite difficult to see what or who has caused the damage – it’s not a clean cut, but the squirrel thing doesn’t sit with my logic.  We’ve lived on the edge of a protected nature reserve for the last 10 years and in that time have lived alongside all sorts of wildlife, including lots of grey squirrels……

So, it’s now Friday and I’m keeping everything crossed that nothing else happens.  I’ve eaten my way through copious amounts of chocolate and the odd glass of wine this week so could do with a day off from it!!

With that now off my chest (sorry about that), I’ll sign off for the weekend.  Have a good one everyone and those with children have a good rest next week.

Toodle Pip.


  • Anne says:

    You poor thing, you have had a shocker of a week. May your weekend be filled with peace, quiet and all things going your way.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  • O Goodness what a week, they say things always come in 3 ‘s but you have by passed that one. The only way is up, fingers crossed. Enjoy your weekend, hope its a relaxing chilled one for you. Take care, Dee x

  • Serenata says:

    Ah Sarah I bet you feel a bit better now for that vent. It is always good to let things out every now and again and it sounds like you have had a trying week.

    Hope your weekend is much better!

  • marigold jam says:

    Oh how sorry I am to hear you’ve had one of those weeks. Rest assured you will love your Rangemaster when it gets fitted – I have one and I love mine! Hope next week brings only good surprises for you.


  • Amanda says:

    I had one of those kind of weeks not long back. It starts with ‘just bad luck’ then gets worse with incompetence from people not doing their jobs right, that drives me potty! Phew I feel your week! Still, it can only get better and your prescription of wine and chocolate will cure everything. Have a well earned good weekend.

  • Oh no, have a good weekend, things can only look up !
    Sue x

  • It can only get better…..Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • winnibriggs says:

    Oh my! When things go wrong they always seem to multiply before they improve. I really feel for you and hope you get things sorted soon. It must be a nightmare with the cooker business, but perhaps a takeaway or two might be what the doctor prescribes,… for this weekend anyway. Hope you get through it all Ok and come out smiling in the end.
    Try to have a good weekend and best of luck for next week.

  • fee~bee says:

    Oh dear what a week you have had it seems that when something bad happens there is usually its bad friends waiting in the wings to join in .Hopefully now you have had your fair share and things will start to get better how annoying having to wait for your new cooker to be connected after you have arranged everything in advance and those little squirrel vandals do you think they knew what they were doing ?maybe they are getting back at cars for all the squirrel accidents there are on the roads .
    Hope the next week improves and you continue to keep calm and carry on
    xx fee

  • Oh my dear, dear. I do hope this is the end to it all. I hope you have a peaceful, stress free, problem free, happy half term.
    Big hugs and much love.

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Things can only improve – have a good week-end
    Julie xxxxxxx

  • Amanda says:

    Blimey! That’s the week from hell! It really has to get better now….squirrels!!!!!
    Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  • Lynn says:

    Isn’t it horrid the way it all comes at once? But hopefully that means you got it all out of the way at once!
    Happy half term and carry on eating the chocolate (and topping up the wine glass!)

  • bellaboo says:

    Oh,poor you! Sorry you’ve had such a horrible week,and more than your fair share of troubles.You deserve to have some good things happen now..and I hope they’ll be just around the corner. :o)

  • What a week.

  • Blimey Sarah! Calm, deep breaths, let it all out…….It’s all over now…Enjoy your weekend!

  • Country Girl says:

    What a catalogue of disaster! Hope things get better for you soon,

  • Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours. Sometimes a tidal wave hits. Perhaps you’ve had your whole years-worth of ‘stuff’ in one week and it’ll be plain sailing from now until the end of the year. I have my fingers crossed for you. :) xx
    btw – squirrels? Weird.

  • Oh dear… I have had a few weeks like this and I am pleased to say I have reached the light at hte end of the tunnel… keep trudging it will come to an end and good times will start again… big hugs to you and did you say “squirrel?” well I am stunned… shouldn’t they be burying nuts not sabotaging cars? did the police stake out the area and follow the little bushy tailed critters? perhaps its a new warfare programme that escaped… perhaps they are training them to disarm bombs and one has escaped and has gone crazy on a wire cutting spree!

    take care

  • Oh goodness, poor you! Sorry you’re having a rotten week too xxx

  • Oooh, first visit to your blog – hope I haven’t come at an inconvenient time, ha, ha. Really sorry to hear about your week – sounds awful. Hope your weekend was better :)


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