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Wow – that half term went quickly didn’t it?  I must say, this week starts off with some trepidation as we find out tomorrow which secondary school we’ve got…… much for choice……I just hope it’s the right one.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I’m stressed to the eye balls about it, whereas hubby is taking a calmer approach with the attitude of he’ll worry about it if he needs to tomorrow.  I don’t think men have the same emotional attachment with these sorts of matters!

Anyway, last week saw my new role as taxi driver to the two boys – fetching them here, there and everywhere.  I did manage to sneak in some gardening which felt wonderful.  It was only 10 minutes picking up leaves and clearing twigs and cutting back a few plants, but it’s surprising how much difference it makes just doing that, and it’s great to see new life emerging.

I also made this watch pincushion

from the Jean Greenhowe’s Bazaar Knits booklet – lots of quick and easy projects, it was quite satisfying completing something!  My list of WIP’s is ever growing, some of which I now don’t fancy doing, em….

Lot’s of baking was done, yum yum, including these Coconut and Lime Macaroons.

The recipe came from the BBC Good Food website which I’m a great fan of.  The only problem I have when making these is that they always seem to crumble.  They tasted anyway.

Anyway, have a good start to the week and I’ll let you know how we get on with the secondary school choice later in the week, aagahhhh….


  • VintageVicki says:

    We get told tomorrow if little son has got into his High School (3 tier system here still). Hope so as there is no choice here – other schools 20+ miles away and no transport!!

    My MIL has been making the watch pincushions towards a sale she’s doing – they look really good.

  • Wishing you all the best, with the school. I remember the stress of that time all too well! It is lovely to see some colour in the garden again….

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Good luck with the school, we only had the choise of one!
    Off see out the recipe the macaroons look yummy.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Country Girl says:

    Fingers crossed for you. We really don’t have choice here – the nearest alternative is 15 miles away and always over-subscribed, not to mention costing hundreds for the bus pass!

  • Penelope says:

    Oooo I wish the very best for you and your son, I hope he has got into his school of choice too. We have all of this to come next year when Alice will be in year 6, I’m dreading it!! My hubby is much the same really chilled and pragmatic! Very infuriating indeed… I think I’ll try and take a feather our of his cap for when our turn come round! Love your watch pin cushion, such a great and practical idea xox

  • Good luck with the school! Love the pincushion – v cute! Yummy macaroons :)

  • Tabiboo says:

    Is that tomorrow – blimey I had completely forgot. Fingers crossed all round – we’re hoping for a Grammar. N xxx

  • Best of luck with the school choice, hope you get the one you want. Yummy macaroons…never made those before x

  • Hello! Good luck with the school I have my fingers crossed for you… I love the pincushion it’s so sweet, and the macaroons look yummy! I love the BBC Good Food website they have some really fab recipes on there don’t they.. Sarah x

  • It must be horrible waiting to hear…hope it goes well. I have used the BBC website quite a bit…some great recipes.

  • Yes, I’ve been out in the garden too, it helps clear the cobwebs away doesn’t it…bring on the sun :0)
    I love your watch :: And I think your kites from your last post are fabulous! What an original idea..especially as bunting :0)
    Hope you got your school, it’s nerve wracking all the waiting about and not knowing isn’t it?
    But if you didn’t get it, you must appeal ‘cos you never know if you’ll then be lucky!
    Have a great week Sarah. x

  • Hi Sarah, just popping by to let you know you’re the winner of my giveaway! If you email your postal details to me, I’ll get your earrings off to you. Hope you’re having a great day. Em xxx

  • PinkCat says:

    How did it the school choice go? Have been thinking of you. x


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