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Who lives in a house like this?

Whilst flicking through my trusty CK brochure working out what I’d like best for Christmas (it’s not hard?!), I noticed that on the kitchen page it scarily resembles our laundry room. The tiles are exactly the same, bar the grouting, same style of tap and ceramic sink – how bizarre.

I do inwardly feel quite chuffed about that!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was busy as always – click clack with the knitting needles…..lots of bunnies to make for a large order. Only another 15 to go and at the rate of 1 a week in between everything else, I fear, in fact it is a fact that they won’t be ready for the end of November – not hard to work out the maths is it?!! Tra la la.

I’ve got parent’s meetings tomorrow morning. The boys assure me there is nothing to worry about and I do believe them, but you never know……..wish me luck.
Bye for now.


  • Michela says:

    Parent’s meeting..I was always scared when my mum had to go…
    Have a lovely week!

  • Lol well your laundry room is now famous!
    I wish you luck with the bunny order, it must be quite a panic when you know you have to finish them and so many!………..

    Good luck with parents evening we have to wait until November for Lala’s one, have to say I have not been impressed much with her move to year 1. So it will be interesting what they will have to say.

    Have a good week.


  • Jackie says:

    Love the CK Laundry room ~ you obviously have very good taste! We have got the delights of parents night to look forward to this Thursday :O)

  • Torie Jayne says:

    I love your laundry room, I want to do something similar, I have all the bits we just need to get on and tile etc, Thanks for sharing, Have a sweet day!x

  • Pomona says:

    I do love your tiles – what a wonderful laundry room! Hope the parents’ evening is OK – I am sure that it will be.

    Pomona x

  • Tabiboo says:

    Lovely bunnies and good luck with that dealine.

    Also good luck at parent/teacher evening – I always feel like I’m back at school under scrutiny!

    Nina x

  • Carol says:

    I wish you luck and love the Bunnies.
    Lucky you I would love a Laundry room.
    Your sink and tiles are great. Do you have a nice vintage wooden clothes airer? I would like one of those too.
    Carol x

  • Floss says:

    Fantastic match between yours and Kath’s! Well done there…

    The children normally know the worst about Parents’ Evenings – our younger son went very quiet when we told him we were going to see his first ever teacher, and said: ‘She’s going to tell you I’ve been – mumble, mumble, mumble’, which was the first we heard of his rather boistrous behaviour in the Reception class! He was right – she did. Things have gone better since then, fortunately.

  • CK is certainly in good company!

    Victoria xx

  • noelle says:

    great bunnies, you’ll be sitting up till the wee small hours doing that lot!! good luck with the parents evening although i bet you don’t need it!!

  • lou says:

    Cute bunnies! Good luck with the order. I love the look of your laundry room! How lucky are you.

    I hope all goes ok at parents evening…I’m sure it will.

    Have a lovely week love Lou xxx

  • dottydaisies says:

    laundry room ! what a dream all my laundry is on the kitchen floor!

  • silverpebble says:

    Hmm, it seems your at the forefront of style – love the handles on your cupcoards too – gorgeous. As are those bunnies.

  • louise says:

    How lovely to have a laundry room. I must say I much prefer yours. The tile grout looks dirty in CKs! x

  • Bobo Bun says:

    Why is it when you bave so much to make time doesn’t slow down a little bit? Bunnies look great and maybe if you make a few boy and girl ones they’ll do what bunnies do and help you out a bit.

    Lisa x


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