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What’s on yours………..?

I have a very pretty Laura Ashley duck egg blue gingham memo board in my ‘work room’ and hubby quite brutally pointed out that it was full of junk and of no use……… dare he!
The bottom line is that he’s absolutely right but heh, my work room, my rules! It’s mostly filled with repro vintage postcards which I love, a vintage boys pullover knitting pattern and other various bits of paraphernalia – if you have one, what’s on yours? Excuse the photo, rather wonky and no I haven’t been at the alcohol again!

I know it’s not long ago since ‘I’ decorated our bedroom, and yes, I’m tempted to pick up the paintbrush again and paint our en suite. Purely because I bought some but bunting from Laura Ashley and thought it would look nice in the bathroom. This means I have to paint the room, well that’s not strictly true but it does give me an excuse. Hubby just groans and thinks ‘here we go again’.

More fabric came this morning, again from Ebay. Unfortunately the photo just doesn’t do it justice. The polka dot fabric is such a lovely colour blue and so soft. The other ‘strawberry’ fabric is linen. I’m looking forward to making something out of those, but they’ll have to sit on my shelf for now.


  • bekimarie says:

    Love the bunting and that strawberry fabric is gorgeous….. love it!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  • Sal says:

    You’ve just inspired me to empty my notice board and give it a new lease of life!

  • claire says:

    I have a noticeboard and a wire card thingy – erm 2 actually and all are full of things i can’t bear not to have on show!!
    My husband groans if he sees me standing in a room doorway as he knows I’m thinking how and when I can decorate it again. We’ve just finished the last room…I’ve promised him a break lol!!!

  • bex says:

    ohhh, i like that bunting. i like the way it is a variation on the normal

  • retrorose says:

    It isn’t a notice board, it’s an inspiration board. How could he not know that? Like your blog!

  • LittleGem says:

    I love your inspiration board, I don’t have one but if I did I think it would be filled with lovely cards, labels, fabrics, photos..hmm where could I put one of them!? Great bunting and fabric buys, love the blue polka dots x

  • Vintage Tea says:

    I’ve got a “inspiration board” at home with all bits and pieces that have no relevance to anyone else really!!

    Well only me and bloggers!!!

    Victoria xx

  • That strawberry fabric is gorgeous. Don’t forget before and after of your new task in the bathroom.

  • Hi Sarah:

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog 😉 The paint finish on the walls is a satin finish and the parma gray is a semi gloss.

    Your new fabric is absolutely scrummy looking. Will you be using the two together?


  • Hello Sarah..
    I love notice boards.. they are works of art in their own right and say so much about the person who creates them..
    Not sure what mine says about me…totally cluttered and confused I would say…

    Love the vintage toys on your side bar…just my cup of rosy lee!
    Michele x

  • Bobo Bun says:

    One of my lists is to finish making the memo boards. Yours is lovely and lucky you finding those fantastic ladybird books.

    I have tons of lists too Sarah – I think I’ve got to make them shorter and more achieveable.

    Lisa x


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