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What happens when……….

you go out one evening to meet a friend and come back to this –

yes, 1 big hole in the middle of the wall where the old fireplace is was.  Grrrrrr.  Wasn’t quite what I had in mind – especially when we haven’t got a quote to fit the woodburner, when we haven’t chosen the fireplace surround or granite or when we haven’t even got a woodburner…………….men………..

So, now I have a great big gaping hole which is going to be like that for goodness knows how long.  How lucky is it then, that I have my pretty firescreen.  Mind you, not even that hides the hole.

C’est la vie I guess.

Needless to say, I won’t be spending any time in that room this weekend, but shall indulge myself with a bit of this

some more of this (yes I know it’s pink, but I can pretend it’s a beach hut especially when I get some bunting hung from it).  Who cares if it’s got compost, pots, bikes and a lawnmower in it!!

and a spot of this

Have a great weekend and don’t forget the suncream!!


  • bellaboo says:

    Just hold on to that image of your lovely new woodburner/fireplace,and how gorgeous it’s all going to look when it’s finished!
    Don’t get too hot out there painting your ‘beach hut’…at least it will dry pretty quick!

    Bellaboo :0)

  • eeeek! I can well imagine your reaction. Mind you on reflection that big old hole in your fireplace is actually a step up to my fire and fireplace! lol. I bet once you have your swanky logburner in situ you wont mind at all.

    Oooh like your beachhut. It will be great who says boring old domestic sheds have to be brown. Have a great weekend. It looks like it going to be a scorcher!

    MBB x

  • VintageVicki says:

    Men *rolls eyes*

    Enjoy your time outdoors this weekend – think there will be most of blogland doing the same.

    Here’s to beach huts & bunting :)

  • Pooh's Abode says:

    I love your ‘shed’ – mine is blue and green.
    Have a great weekend

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Love the beach hut! The hole is not so lovely at the moment, but I bet it will look very smart when it is finished. Look forward to seeing it.
    Julie xxxxxx

  • marigold jam says:

    Well at least you will have to get a woodburner installed now – no excuses!! Love the pink shed – why7 not eh?! Enjoy your weekend and that fireplace is going to be great I know!


  • Mother0fPurl says:

    Wow- I want a pink shed! That is fab! Also very excited that you are in Swindon *waving* xx

  • A beach hut/shed now I like that, dual purpose and satisfies both man & wife ! Think I’ll try that, they have the inside for hoarding male stuff and you have the outside for making the garden look pretty !

  • Being a bargain hunter and always on the lookout to save money I just had to say this: I know that woodburners are very expensive. I have one (here when we bought the house) plus an open fire and we hardly ever use the burner. There’s just no substitute for a proper open fire in my book. You could just tidy that up, put in fire bricks and have a proper open fire with an iron grate or buy an old iron fireplace and pop it in? You could install that yourselves then.

  • its as much as I can do to stop mr P moving onto the next project before he’s finished the kitchen…. I suppose he’s like me with crochet… I love starting a project but struggle to get it finished! lol

    we’ll at least its going ot make you have to get it done before winter… ;D

    loving the fabrics and the shed looks lovely…just be thankful you only had one colour… otherwise you could have painted it all stripey! lol

    x Alex

  • It’ll all be worth it one day – we have a woodburner and it chucks out loads of heat, even better if you can source some free wood.

  • No one mentioned your hexagons, so I will. LOve the fact that I am not the only mad one out there. I love every aspect of making these from the cutting out to the hand sewing..especailly the hand sewing part. Am looking forward to seeing your finished piece. Wondered if you fancy a bit of a fabric swap maybe? I have loads of off cuts that I would be happy to share with you if you are interested. Tell me what size hexagons you are using? Dev x

  • swedishouse says:

    Hej Sarah
    Thank you for my lovely comment…and now I have found you! Lovely blog 😉 And I loooove the patchwork, what’s it going to be?
    Have a great weekend
    Julie x

  • Just keep that picture in your head of what it’s GOING to look like. xx

  • Bee says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for popping by my blog, I love your blog, I see that we are fellow vintage thrifty hunters and crafters. I have been doing some diy in my flat lately so know how you feel. bee x

  • Hello Sarah, Thanks for popping by my blog and saying hi. I’m glad that you did because now i’ve found your lovely blog.
    I love your fire screen, it’s adorable and the pink shed is just fabulous, you can never have too much pink.
    Take care x

  • driftwood says:

    fantastic shed, definitely needs some bunting! xx


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