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What a whopper

Here at Wednesday already – time is flying isn’t it?….

With the 1st of December approaching, the boys get quite excited about their advent calenders, especially as they are chocolate ones – the only time of year they can have chocolate in the morning……I do try and get them to understand the true meaning of advent and Christmas, and I think they do appreciate it – both go to a C of E school who have good traditional values around Christmas and Easter. However, children will be children and like many (me included), get sucked into all the marketing hype – and why not, as long as there is a balance I guess.

Anyway back to advent calenders. Hubby came home last night with a huge bag and inside was a lovely advent calender for moi. Shaped like a snow globe it measures a massive 18″ by 19″. It’s so pretty, I don’t want to open it. There are so many gorgeous advent calenders around and I used to buy them for the boys, but in the end succumbed to the chocolate variety.

A little while ago Alex from Pink Feather Paradise and I did a little swap – I really liked her crochet doggies and she fancied something for her Christmas tree – unfortunately I didn’t take any photo’s of my goodies I sent her, but here’s what she sent me. Thanks so much Alex – love the colours as they are right up my street!

Back to the CL fair – there was a glorious scented stall when you first walked in, selling fragrant wreaths, orange slice swags etc etc. I managed to spy some vintage spools threaded with pretty ribbon. They had also been scented with a spicy orange scent. I thought it was such a good idea, I bought 2. Now, the question is – do I dare do that with some of my own vintage spools???? Might have to think some more on that one.

When we were in Sussex I pounched on a lovely black velvet wooden handled bag, with some great patchwork on the front and back. I paid less than £5 for it. Whilst at the CL fair last week I saw something quite similar for £20…….so am quite glad I got my black one. I’m hoping, during the Christmas break, I’ll be able to get on with some patchwork. I’ve recycled some blouses and tops which will be perfect for a little project or two!!



  • Michela says:

    What a kind hubby do you have!!! Love the calendar!

  • marigold jam says:

    Love your calendar. It is so hard not to join in the chocolate and marketing hype isn’t it? I am with you though in thinking that a little of that is OK as long as it is balanced with the true meaning of the season too. Not wasy but possible I think. Love your bag and that little crochet doggie is fabulous. I want one!!

    Jane x

  • I think I might seek out an advent calendar for myself…the snowglobe is beautiful and I had better get the childrens ones sorted out, they have fabric calendars that I fill with gifts and chocolates… I am glad the dog arrived safely and I have now found the safe place that I stashed my pinking shears in… mind you I had to pull the lounge apart to find them! lol

    I am frantically tidying ready for a visitor this evening… I promise to photograph your lovely gifts tomorrow before I go to the village cafe…

    big hugs

  • Floss says:

    Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely!

    Would you be prepared to share some pics from your fantastic calendar for my Advent blogging event? It’s just to do a post every Sunday/Monday in Advent, on anything of your choice…

    I have a less cool vintage patchwork sewing bag like that, but I also have some unfinished vintage patchwork – it would be fun to use it on a bag, wouldn’t it?

  • I keep admiring the chocolate free advent calendars, yours is lovely

    Victoria xx

  • Pomona says:

    The bag is a great find! You will probably be able to reuse your advent calendar – we have had one or two that we have liked so much that I press them between books after Christmas, and leave them until the next year. The doors sort of shut up again, and it is much better than having to throw a lovely one away after one use.

    Pomona x

  • Tabiboo says:

    ‘Oh my word’ you have just reminded me – advert calenders!!!!!!

    I love the way the ribbon is tied onto the wooded spools and that bag – gorgeous!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  • I have a lovely advent callender that I got from Pheonix trading about three years ago and its a house in the snow and I havn’t seen one I like better so out it will come again this year!!!! Yours is realy nice was it from Past Times? Thanks for your lovely comments Lucey xx

  • Felicity says:

    your hubby is so sweet i love the advent calendar! fliss xx


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