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What a sight…..

I know most of the country has seen vast amounts of snow, but in our part of the world we haven’t seen an awful lot, apart from last night. All day yesterday there were weather warnings that we could get up to 40cm of snow. Not one to be too cynical about weather reports, I worked on the basis that we never get severe weather so, even if we got half of what was predicted, it would be enough. It was.

All schools are closed, no buses and some roads are not even worth venturing down. Yippee said the boys’……..and off they’ve gone to play. We tend to say ‘make the most of it, as we don’t see it that often’. Not the case now.

Anyway, here’s my contributions to the snowy photo’s, I’m off to play, not!


  • Hi Sarah
    It looks just like our garden! We’ve had to dig a path for the cats to visit their poo pit !! And sorting out food for the birds.
    I’m so glad I’m not expected to be anywhere today, so Mr Bun and I are going to don our extreme weather gear and go take some snowy photos….
    Have fun!
    Denise x

  • Hi Sarah, its fab isn’t it…. so often it passes us by in this neck of hte woods and its snowing really heavy at the moment… I love your photo’s, sorry I haven’t posted the pictures of your lovely little glove and Ginger bread man yet…and I didn’t use the tags they are far too precious… I will do a creative catch-up very soon…

    big hugs keep warm

  • marigold jam says:

    Like you here in South Somerset we hadn’t had much of the white stuff – it was actually raining yesterday! But what a different story this morning – we woke to a winter wonderland and it’s snowing hard still. Indoor games today methinks!!


  • Jackie says:

    Sarah ~ lovely photo’s! Schools are closed here too so I have two very happy children who are having a fantastic time playing :O)

  • Julia says:

    We are snowed up to the eyeballs too!! I think I was a little girl the last time I saw snow this deep – off out this afternoon to join in some snowman building and sledging races!! Hurrah!!

    Enjoy it while it lasts :)

    Love Julia x x x

  • Sal says:

    It’s reached us …at last!
    I’m sitting by the window watching it fall from the sky!
    Have fed the birds hopefully they will visit us soon.

    Have fun ,Sarah! šŸ˜‰

  • bellaboo says:

    Nice snowy pics…like the shadow from the washing line.Hope you are cosy and warm,and like me,having a nice relaxing day at home,just pottering.


  • Michela says:

    Have fun in the snow!

  • Tabiboo says:

    Cool pictures – never say never!!

    Have fun playing,

    Nina x

  • Yes at last the south west get a dumping of the white stuff! have to say I forgot to take any photo’s this morning when out playing init with the girls!

    Have fun.

    MBB x

  • lou says:

    I love snow, so Iā€™m a very happy girl! We have got lots more on the way.

    Have fun love Lou xxx

  • hi sarah, thanks for droppin by my blog. You asked about chickens, well I,m no expert, but I find them easy enough to care for – and we enjoy the eggs!
    If you google downthelane its a blog written by a man who has Downshifted, he has a good section on his blog about chicken keeping. He gets/rescues ex battery hens and rehabilitates them, I think he has a link to where you can get them from. I looked into it but they dont do it in our area.
    I will try and do a bit more about chickens in the future,hope this helps.
    nb Couldnt get your email to load/or whatever!

    Vicky x

  • Josie-Mary says:

    Great isn’t it! :)

  • Enjoy your snow. Is there anywhere that hasn’t got some?


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