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What a load of…………


This post to some will appear very random and a little odd, but I wanted to share with you my love of the humble hankie. Whilst ironing them (yes I do iron hankies!) it occured to me that I’ve quite a collection and some are so old and not even worth using!

My earliest memory of having a hankie was in primary school. I had a little brown case I used to take which could only fit my knitted cardigan in and of course my hankie. Unfortunately most of my original ones have either been lost or got too old, but I do have a couple which are not standing the test of time and you can’t use if you have bad cold! I have to carry a hankie wherever I go, but not up my sleeve – how many grannies still have their tissue or hankie tucked up their sleeve. Mine used to have her’s tucked into her watch!

Anyway here’s 2 oldies – faded and holey…

These hankies were bought in Liberty’s many years ago and they are still as crisp as the day I first had them

Children print hankies

More floral ones

Last but by no means least, my vintage boxed ones



  • Melanie says:

    I love pretty hankies. xxx

  • Such pretty fabrics! you have quite a collection there!

    I seem to remeber my nan with her hankie either up her sleeve or tucked in her watch!


  • Floss says:

    Sweet! I don’t know if you got to see my post about my mum’s collection of First World War hankies? If not, it’s probably worth a look for a lover of the art form… it was this month, and called: Loving Gifts, so you should be able to find it on my blog!

  • LissyLou says:

    Not odd at all, i love hankies!

  • How lovely.
    I love hankies, I have loads and I iron them – about the only thing I actually do iron.

  • Josie-Mary says:

    That’s my hankie….. 2nd from last photo, top right…. did you find it in habitat?? I was so sad the day I lost it as it was my fav, I had all the staff looking for it….. ah now you’ve brought back bad memories! I love hankies & have a draw full. Where do you keep yours if not up your sleeve? :)

  • Jemm says:

    I love hankies too. I only have a couple vintage ones that I don’t use. Nobody uses them here anymore. I sure wish they did and yours are splendid!

  • I love hankies too! I found one in an op shop that you would swear is Cath Kidston, but I doubt it as we don’t get much of her stuff my way (NZ).

  • PS Yes, I have found crocheting very easy to pick up. Not that I’ll be bumping Attic24 off her perch any time soon.

  • lisa ridgeon says:

    Hey there ‘seaside swap’ buddy! Just thought i’d pop by and say Hi!

    Love the hankies. Those vintage ones look familliar, sure i had something similar as a child.

    X X


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