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seems to be whizzing past at the moment – maybe something to do with the long, extended weekends – who’s to complain at that?!

Our weekend started on Thursday afternoon following a school picnic.  All the children came home with wedding cake, Union Jack hat, flag, and mug with the happy couple on the front, the date, and school name on the reverse.  A lovely touch I thought.

Friday gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down for the entire day, something I very rarely do, and embrace the Royal Wedding in all it’s glory.  It was wonderful to see London looking lovely and everyone enjoying the day.  The country needed a little boost and that was it.

Whilst sitting, I managed to get some bunting made, aptly named ‘Happy Days’

(Please click to enlarge)

Quite appropriate I thought!

Lots more to share later on in the week – hopefully normality may resume at some stage!


  • KC'sCourt! says:

    What a lovely idea from the school. It was a lovely day on Friday wasn’t it? I like your bunting. I forgot to hang mine up!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  • VintageVicki says:

    I loved Friday – everyone seemed happy and enjoying themselves.

    MrVV & I watched for hours – accompanied by Pimms & nibbles :)

  • Alix says:

    It’s been a fantastic uplift this Royal Wedding! Even my normally not-remotely-interested-in-the-royal-family husband has been caught up in it – watching it on iplayer after his release from hospital, reading the Hello magazine I bought from cover to cover and still commenting on it now! Your bunting is great by the way!

  • Such a sweet idea from the school i remember my school doing this years ago i was so chuffed walking home with my mug. It was a magical day on Friday and one i think nobody will forget for a very long time. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  • Serenata says:

    Whizzing by is an understatement! What a lovely gift from the school

  • PinkCatJo says:

    It sounds like the school celebrated the national occasion really nicely. We had some great worksheets in our school. My favourite was a maths one which worked had the children working out the perimeters of some imaginary flower beds at Buckingham Palace! x

  • The Wedding was great, wasn’t it? A lovely day, Friday – April and May seem to be good months so far! Abby x

  • What lovely bunting – there have certainly been a lot of Happy Days lately!

    Victoria xx

  • Great bunting…the wedding certainly lifted everyone’s spirits! Hard to believe we are in May already…

  • Pomona says:

    I thought I wasn’t that bothered, but I found myself sitting with my daughter poring over Hello and looking at all the frocks and hats!

    Pomona x

  • How lovely of the school to do that for the little ones!

  • bellaboo says:

    I’m still watching clips of the wedding.It was amazing wasn’t it?
    Love your ‘Happy Days’ bunting..would look good in my summer house! ;0)


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