Attractive Handmade Decorations for the Home

Time for Easter decorations???

As yesterday was dreary and damp, I decided it was time to get the Easter decorations out and bring some Spring cheer to the weekend.

Like Christmas, I get a sense of excitement when I see the decorations as I forget what I’ve got and I really enjoy finding temporary new homes for them.

I have bought a few new Spring decorations too.  This great ‘paper’ flower is just so cheery and as it was only a few pounds, it would have been rude not to have got it.

I have candle holders coming out of my ears, but this pink one I couldn’t resist.

Finally, the flowery hangie had to fall into my hands as it was so pretty.  It was quite difficult to photograph but it basically hangs straight down or you can hang it like a garland.  All 3 items were under a tenner so good value I thought.

Today and next week are mega, mega busy.  My ‘little’ boy is 10 on Monday so today we’re off bowling and then Pizza Hut with some of his friends, football match tomorrow.  Birthday celebrations Monday, Country Living on Wednesday and guess where I’m off on Friday – I’m so excited – I’m back in London with friend to the Prince of Wales theatre seeing Mama Mia no less!!!! – has anyone seen it?

So, hopefully I’ll be able to post inbetween everything next week – I’m sure I’ll have some eye candy to share after Country Living!!!  Till then, have a great weekend and see you next week.


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