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Things to make you smile

More often than not, the things which make me smile come from what my children say….

I wish sometimes we could capture those one liners, but the words come out so quickly and before you know it they’ve moved onto the next thing.

An example of this happened the other day. I tried reversing out of a parking space and couldn’t as car after car drove past. I said ‘Every man and his dog is driving past’ Jack looked round frantically and said ‘Where’s every man and his dog, and who is he anyway?’ It did make me chuckle inwardly…….I guess you had to be there – hubby didn’t find it that funny!

Moving onto other things which make me smile – I always look forward to getting out my ‘seasonal bits’ as each season gets underway. Autumn brings out a whole host of my decorative bits and bobs.

My favourite has to be Mr Smoky – German in origin (I think) these great wooden men puff away frantically in our house from now until January. I’m sure some of you are familiar with them – you can buy cones in various fragrances – strike a match to get them burning, put them inside Mr Smoky and away you go. The smell is great and really represents Autumn.

Finally, it has to be a piece of homemade gingerbread with apple. Yummy!


  • I do love the things children say sometimes. Especially when they take an expression in the literal way! It made me smile what your son Jack said, I could imagine Miss P coming out with somethin like that. I had that problem when I arrived in England when I was 14, I didn’t get expressions or the British sense of humour then. Boy did people have fun and games with me then. Very embarrassing for me at times…
    Your cake sounds and looks delicious, justthe kind of cake I like.
    Isabelle x

  • Floss says:

    What a lot of autumnal goodness you have there – the scarecrow particularly caught my eye, actually!

  • Lucy says:

    Ohhhh- you make autumn so inspiring! Can I have the recipe for that scrummy looking apple gingerbread?

  • My Girls are always saying stuff that make me laugh (Boo Bear being the natural comedian) or just really profound stuff like Lala on Sunday. They are great arent they.

    Love your seasonal bits. Mr smokey looks like fun! Mmmm yummy that cake sounds really delicious! Must be time for tea! lol.


  • Oh gingerbread and apple… now that sounds goooood!

    Victoria x

  • bex says:

    every year there is a christmas market here in cheltenham and there is nearly always a stall that sells the smoking men!

  • Elise says:

    they made me smile, thank you !

  • Tabiboo says:

    Children do say the most wonderful things and they can also embarass you with their innocence – as I oh so know.

    The smell of Autumn – that does sound heavenly.

    Have a lovely evening,


  • Pomona says:

    Well, you just made me laugh as I sit here at my computer! Thank you very much for becoming a follower of my blog – it is always lovely to make new friends in the virtual world!

    Pomona x

  • Michela says:

    So pleased to meet Mr Smoky! I’ve never seen one! yum…apples are so fashionable at the moment, aren’t they? 😉

  • Hi Sarah
    Your story about ‘everyman and his dog’ made me laugh! It reminded me of the years I spent teaching Reception children. We’d be sitting on the carpet ready for story or somesuch, and I might say “everyone is looking really smart!” and invariably a little voice would say “and me, I’m looking smart aren’t I?”. It generally took most of the Reception year for all the children to understand the meaning of the word “everyone” !!!!
    Wishing you a happy week with plenty of sunshine,
    Denise x


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