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The Ladybird Lady

Morning all – and it’s February at last!  Hope everyone had great weekends.

Fortunately for us, we had another football free weekend due to the weather again!  There are some benefits to it being frosty/wet/or snowy.  On Saturday we took the boys roller skating with some friends.  Off the 4 boys went, and us 4 adults sat and had coffee and cake for 2 whole childen free hours!  Boy, was it liberating.  No demands, requests, moans or groans, just solid adult conversation.  Completely unheard of for a Saturday afternoon!

I also popped into a local charity shop.  The ladies kindly phone me when they get Ladybird books in.  I then pop in and have a look to see which ones I want.  The ones I don’t, they put out on the shelves, which I think is so lovely of them.  2 were Ladybird ones, and the third one was Jack and Jill and the Old Castle, published in 1962.  It’s not a Ladybird one and not one I’ve ever seen before although there are several in the series.  The pictures are so sweet, I couldn’t help but get it.  So, I am now known as the Ladybird Lady.  Not a bad name really!

I also managed to pick up a pretty plate and a little tray for not very much, so all in all I was quite pleased with my haul.

Last but not least a little tease and snapshot of my next project…….I bet you’ll never guess what it is….

Have a good Monday!


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