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Hi folks,
Hope everyone is enjoying the glorious weather we’re having – it’s hard to believe the middle of October is approaching.

I guess most of you would know by now! that good old Cath has bought out yet another book, and what a feast for the eyes it is. 

Good old fashioned cross-stitch (amongst others) using tapestry wool.  I can’t wait to get started on some of the projects.  The book even comes with it’s own kit.  I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t even made the bag from the last book…….Here’s what you make with the kit –

I used to do a lot of tapestry sewing many years ago, then like many things it went out of fashion.  With Cath now onto it, it’s sure to be a huge come-back, although the price of kits are extortionate. 

I was lucky to be bought a kit (many moons ago) so I think I’m now inspired to get on with it – I might get it finished for Christmas!

Back to the book though – I love the idea of a little seat cushion for a chair –

I’ll leave you with a few more yummy photo’s! – 


  • Jackie says:

    What a fabby book! I’m very good at buying all these crafty books but unfortunately not as good starting or indeed finishing any projects within them! Look forward to seeing what you make from it. Jackie :O) x

  • Josie-Mary says:

    Mine came yesterday…. I want to get started too & I’m off sick so I may make the purse today :) My bag from the last book is still in the cupboard :(
    I used to do a lot of tapestry… that’s a good idea for a blog post! As you say they do cost a lot & that’s only going to get worse now Cath’s told everyone! Enjoy :)

  • I can’t seem to keep up with Caths books. I’ve had the one with the bag for ages and like you not done anything. I ordered another one the other day but I didn’t know she had a Stitch one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Looks great, looks like a trip to amazon – some more projects to add to the ever growing list – at this rate I need to live to 110 X

  • They do all look pretty. I have never done cross stitch or tapestry before. I might be tempted though! Love the little houses. Are they tapestry ones or knitted? I couldnt tell. They are pretty either way.

    MBB x

  • Emma says:

    That’s one for the Christmas list.
    I love those fabric Pumpkins…Em xxx

  • I used to do loads of tapestry years and years ago, I loved it. I really like that cowboy cushion cover and the union jacks, in fact I may have to think about that one. I’ve just made a hanger from her second book which I love but haven’t made the bag either, it’s still in the book! Have a lovely day x

  • miz-bag says:

    oh tahnk you for showing us this wonderful book…..i will now let father christmas know its on my list!!!!!(i too have never got around to sewing my bag up….looks a bit complicated!!!)

  • Tabiboo says:

    I have my fingers crossed my copy will arrive this afternoon – though probably whilst I’m on the school run….as usual.

    Thanks for the sneeky peek – and I sure you’re right with Cath on the scene tapestry will probably come back into fashion.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Now I am going to have to get a copy of that book
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi there is a Stitch evening at the CK shop in York this thursday and it’s free! but you have to have a ticket. I think it’s to promote this book! jennyx

  • Amanda says:

    Oh boy! If I add another crafty hobby to the list I’ll have to kick little J out of her room to house new equipment/supplies and retire early to make time! Hmmmm…cross stitch…..sounds good. Love Amanda xxxx

  • pip says:

    i just love the row of terraced cushions with snow falling all around… perfect!

  • Andrea says:

    It really is a lovely book, a few people I know are going to a Cath Kidston evening in York on Thurs, I can’t make it sadly! The kit you have to make up wil be lovely to have done for Christmas.

    Andrea x

  • MelMel says:

    I got mine last week, love it!
    If I’m not in work tomorrow, I might well settle myself down with a good film and get going on it!
    Enjoy yours!xxx


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