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Something recycled

Where is time vanishing?  I can’t believe where November’s going.  I keep meaning to blog, but have been weighed down with lots of work to keep me out of mischief…….

I feel Christmas will be upon me without much thought at this rate!  Mind you, I have 2 boys who are itching for the big day already, in fact the eldest is the worst.  (I’m not sure what he’s hoping for!), but he reminds me frequently of the number of days left!  By December, it’ll be getting on my pip I’m sure of it.

I had such great intentions to make a new Christmas themed runner for the dining table, a bit of this and a bit of that but I really need to get some WIP’s completed  One I did manage to complete was this –

a modern version of the paper chain.  Using simple knit stitch, it’s a great way of using remnants of wool.  Make them as long as you like and you know they’ll never tear!!

Back to my title – recycling.  During the summer I trotted along to the Cotswold Vintage fair which was fantastic.  I purchased this lovely item –

I apologise to the ladies who made them as I can’t remember who they were, but please put your hand up if it was you!  The Golden Syrup tins are so iconic and turning it into a pin cushion is such a novel idea.

Having just finished the Black Treacle, I thought I might also turn the tin into a pin cushion – you can never have too many pin cushions and also a great way of recycling!  The tin’s are too nice to shove in the recycling box.

Lastly – has anyone been watching Turn Back Time – the High Street?  Isn’t it great?

Bye for now.


  • Tabiboo says:

    My eldest is the worst too – honestly I’m going to have to put Santa on my speed dial soon to try and calm him down with the odd suggestive naughty and nice list – which includes nagging your mum.

    Hang in there.

    Nina xxx

    ps. love the syrup tin idea. N xxx

  • Time … where does it go …. I said the very same on my blog the other day! The chains are great fun aren’t they … I did some crochet ones a couple of years ago and they’ll be in my deccie box for years now. Love the syrup tin pin cushions …. what a great idea!

  • Serenata says:

    I think we are all suffering from time disappearing on us! Funny how our plans seem to be up against the monster time thief!

    Wonderful idea doing a knitted ‘paper’ chain.

    Fabulous syrup tin pin cushion!

  • bellaboo says:

    Mr Boo says every year when he goes up in the loft to get the deccies down..’only seems five minutes since I did this!’ The time must really drag for kids in the run up to Xmas…but then it’s gone in a flash!
    What a lovely idea for left over wool.Maybe I could do a crochet style one! :0)

  • marigold jam says:

    I know what you mean about time flying by as you will see from my most recent post! Love the “paper” chains and those pin cushions – as you say the tins are too good to throw away. I am indeed watching the Shepton Mallet shops programme and enjoying it – how different life was back then and that poor baker lady didn’t have time to do anything other than work did she?!!


  • I love your paper chain or should I say woolly? Its such a great shot of colour on a grey day.

  • I LOVE the golden syrup pin cushion!

    Victoria xxx

  • Love the pin cushion – cute idea! Love your woolly paper chain too – my knitting’s not too good, so mine would be a bit droopy!!

  • ohhh wow i love the paper chain infact no i adore it what a fabulous idea ohhhh i really want one. Right now can i teach myself to knit ;-)) I love it. I love the pin cushion as well what a great idea. I don’t watch tv very often but i am loving turn back time its fab and i can’t wait to see the 60’s one although next weeks will be great to its amazing to see how hard it was for them and i thought the competition this week was great fun. Dee x

  • Country Girl says:

    Love that pincushion. I have seen a syrup tin design teapot somewhere, can’t remember where, which was really lovely.
    Just so you know you are not alone, I am very behind with Christams planning and shopping too!

  • VintageVicki says:

    Inspired by your chains, I’ve started knitting some for me today – have opted for 8 rows of 40 stitches quite quick to do :)

    Love the pincushion – I’ve done similar with odd vintage teacups.

  • Heidi says:

    I love your garland, your header , and your latest phone purchase. How fun!

  • How on earth do you make a syrup tin unsticky? Did the dishwasher do the trick? The pincushion is such a lovely idea.
    Today has been a day when everything has gone wrong for me, so I began knitting my own ‘paper’ chain thinking not much could go wrong with THAT. I really shouldn’t watch Roadrunner cartoons while I’m knitting. I’ll start again tomorrow. :) xx


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