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Something old to something new

At the start of every year, I always have a good clear out – most goes to charity some gets free cycled, other bits and bobs either get sold on Amazon or Ebay.

This year, I thought I would do that, but also utilise my crafty stash and other items round the house to give everything a bit of a lift.

Re-work scraps of wool and an old hanger into a nice woolly one

an old treacle tin into a container for some bulbs

some old jumpers into a cosy winter cushion

vintage fabrics and scraps of lace into lavender sachets

and an old tin of paint to add some colour to the bannister rail

Who know what else I’ll come up with!  What’s on your agenda this month?


  • Love you jumper cushion that is lovely ;-)) Great useful ideas and cost nothing either which is even better at this time of year ;-)) The bulbs look lovely in the tin and the hanger is really cute. Happy new year, dee x

  • Cathy says:

    Wow – you’ve made a creative start to the new year! I love the colour of your bannister rail and the cushion is fab! I’m trying to use up my tin of treacle to use for bulbs too – I’ve still got half of it left though so it may take a while!

  • Liz says:

    Love the cushion – great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  • VintageVicki says:

    I started my sort out today – hoping to find some stuff to ebay and also things for the CS too.

    I’m trying to use up some of my craft supplies making things for a forthcoming fair and my folksy shop.

    I think I need to use up the tins of treacle and syrup as I like your idea of using them for bulbs :)

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Love the cushion. Now I wonder if my husband will miss a few jumpers……
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  • Oh good grief, I love everything here. Excellent idea using the tin for bulbs. We save golden syrup tins. For what I don’t know.

    Seeing your beautiful patchwork reminds me I must use up my stash which is getting out of hand and do some patch working. Oh yes indeedy!

  • bellaboo says:

    Loving the bulbs in the tin! We’re eating loads of Bonne Maman jam,as the jars make great candle votives! :0)

  • driftwood says:

    the bulbs in the treacle tin look brilliant x

  • Josie-Mary says:

    I haven’t started my clear out yet….. it’s going to take a while!! x

  • I love the idea of planting things in a treacle tin! I have the best recipe for chocolate tiffin which uses loads of treacle, and my kids demand it regularly, so we get through the stuff. I can never bring myself to throw the tins away for some reason – there is something about them that I really like. THANK YOU for the idea! Now my garden as well as my house will be full of them! And you have some beautiful fabrics… :-)


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