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Something old, something new

At the weekend I picked up an old metal mop bucket, which had seen better days, but I liked the colour and thought I could put it to good use by planting a cheery Margarita plant in it.  My original plan was to plant some strawberries in it, but mop bucket and food didn’t sit too comfortably with me!

I had no plans either to make a blind, but you know when you get a sudden urge…..and my blind was it.  I had all the supplies including 2 rings to thread the ribbon through – it’s not often a plan comes together when you don’t have to trot to the shops to pick up what you need.

Hubby thinks it’s completely useless (from a functional point of view) as it’s a faff rolling it up and doing the bows before it goes wonky – but it looks good!

There’s lots of stuff I have to do this week, but it’s also SAT’s week for the Year 6’s so I feel it may not be that productive.  Yesterday went well but I feel as the week goes on, we may well have to walk on egg shells.  This is just a warm up I guess, as tests and exams next year will become the norm, which won’t be good for my stress levels, never mind Toby’s!  I’m glad I have one chilled out son though.

Right, onwards and upwards.



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