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Seeds and black eyes.

Yes, I know – seeds and black eyes, the 2 don’t really go.  Well, I was planning to do a post today about seeds, but yesterday, Jack had a ‘little’ accident, so I thought I may as well share yesterday’s events and I’ll do the seeds post tomorrow!

Anyone with a child at school dreads ‘that’ phonecall, asking you to come and pick your child up.  Just as I sat down to catch up on some blogs, the phone rang from the school saying that Jack had fallen over and hit his eye on the corner of a table.  Could I come along, have a look at it and if I felt it necessary, take him to the doctor’s.  Aaaghhh.  Off I went, not knowing what to expect…….Poor thing, when I got there, he was half lying on a chair, pale as anything, with a sick bowl.  His eye was gradually swelling, and apparently he had dropped off – eek.  Even with my limited medical knowledge, you don’t want them doing that.

I decided to trot to the doctor’s to get an appointment.  3 hours later??!! we got in  and the doctor told us there was quite a lot of bleeding underneath the eye and it might be worth a trip to the hospital.  Me, being me had to establish on what basis, what did I need to look out for etc etc.  The symptons to look for were those of a head injury.  We’ve got some drops to prevent infection and he has to stay off school.  Fortunately he seems OK at the moment, and I hope the swelling goes down.

This was all as a result of playing tag and as Jack got tagged he got ‘accidentally pushed’ – em……

What a drama though!  His friend kindly did him a card – how sweet.


  • Jackie says:

    Ooh that sounds a bit yukky! Boys will be boys though! Hope he feels better soon :O) x

  • bellaboo says:

    So sorry poor Jack..that sounded painful..and poor you,what a shock! I always dreaded having to make that phone call myself when I was running a nursery school,but however much you protect the children..accidents do happen.
    That was a lovely thought from his friend to make the sweet card.Get better soon Jack!

    Bellaboo :o)

  • Michela says:

    Poor little boy! Hope he gets better soon! xxx

  • Mandy says:

    Oh bless him! Hope he recovers soon.

  • Oh poor little thing. And poor you. Hope all is better soon. xx

  • Hope your little boy is doing OK this morning.

  • Ouch, that sounds painful. Boys!

  • Floss says:

    Oh dear! Been there, done that, and most recently, had to do it in French! (I learnt some good vocab on ‘private parts’ from one phonecall). But this does sound like a particularly nasty one and I do hope that Jack gets well soon. You poor things. Looking forward to some seed news when you’re up to it!

  • Jennifer says:

    Poor little guy, it’s always so scary when they have injuries like that. I hope he heals quickly, what a sweet card.

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Ouch! I do hope your little one is OK? Lovely card – he has a good friend

  • Oh crumbs, head injuries are so frightening and then the medical people make you worry even more…. Its always been danny’s favourite place to damage… the front the back the sides… I swear they think I am an unfit mother at the medical center! but then he’s look a little daft in a boxing head guard till he leaves home! lol

    hope Jack feels better very soon,

    x Alex

  • Emma says:

    Awww poor little Jack, hope his eye is better today and thank you for your kind words about Ging.
    Em x

  • Annie says:

    Poor Jack and poor you ! I have had a few similar experiences myself over the years. By the way I love your shelf edging in your last post. Hope you have a relaxing and less eventful weekend.
    Ann x

  • Felicity says:

    oh poor jack! joshy came home with a cut knee and a hole in his trousers last week!

    thanks for your lovely comment about my neighbour hopefully things will improve, they already have a bit so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    Fliss xx

  • I remember doing the exact same thing as a wee girl, ended up with a HUGE black eye……also had the *call* as a Mum on the one day I was out the house in ages and happened to be in my local M&S where there is limited mobile reception so the school thought I was dissing the phone and got a big fright when I saw all the missed calls….my eldest had been knocked into a wall and bumped his head…SCARY!
    Hope your boy get’s over it OK!
    The card is too cute!
    Ali XX

  • Rubyred says:

    Oh poor Jack!
    Black eyes are awful, my son has had 2 in the past year! I hope the eye drops do the trick and he feels better soon!
    Rachel x


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