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Ring Ring

This is my latest bargain purchase. 

I have been wanting one of this old phones for a while, but everywhere I’ve looked, they’ve either been too expensive, or have been reproductions.  I got this one of Ebay for a good price and I love the colour of it.  I do have to say, I get slightly unnerved when it rings as I’m not used to the traditional sound it makes! 

This phone was made in the 70’s and is in such good condition – all I needed to do was to plug it in!  I had also forgotten the ‘cup’ they used to have at the back for carrying them around.  Just think how many were discarded 20-30 years ago, and now they’re back in fashion?!

Despite wanting to rebel slightly, I am being sucked into Christmas mode, mainly due to the Christmas orders I’m having to make.  So, I’ve reluctantly given in and have given some thought to presents this year.

I made this at the weekend –

Peanut Butter fudge (a Sophie Dahl) recipe.  Interestingly, Nina also made the recipe, but put a great topping on hers.  I wasn’t a great fan of Sophie’s programme, but this recipe is great as it uses icing sugar which worked really well.

I thought I might make this and/or a variation to give as gifts this year.  It’s cheap, simple and I think it would make a nice present especially if it’s prettied up (and that the recipient likes fudge!).

Despite the temperatures dropping considerably over the last few days, I still have a few flowers also determined to rebel!

Bye for now.


  • winnibriggs says:

    great buy. My DH is an ex BT man and we are fortunate to have one or two black and cream ones like that, all plumbed in. I love them, but the colour of yours is super.
    Love the pressie idea and so much nicer than bought.

  • My Mum in law has just bought one of those phones, we were all in awe of it when it rang !
    My daughter thought it was a great novelty.
    Enjoy it !
    Sue x

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Great those style of phones – we have one ours is Green
    Julie xxxxx

  • I always remember having a phone like this when I was younger and wanting the push button ones… now my phones have dials again!!

    Victoria xx

  • Tabiboo says:

    I want one!! Love the colour and I can imagine how it makes you jump – those ringers are serious things.

    Hope you’ve got some fudge left?

    Nina xxx

  • charl says:

    oo i love your phone.. the colours are fab.. we have a repro one which is a lot lighter than the original but it does have that cup that you use to move around with it. and i love the ringing noise.. i get a little buzz everytime it rings!!
    i also like to pretend im in cagney and lacey when im walking around holding onto the phone!!!

  • Serenata says:

    Love the flowers…glad they are still rebelling against the cold weather.

    I have an old phone as well. You get used to the wonderful ring it makes, although must say I still jump at times.

  • bellaboo says:

    Ooh,Sarah,I’m soooo envious of you phone! Have been searching for one for ages.Mmm,peanut butter fudge..I’ll have to try that recipe! Lovely to see a bit of colour hanging in there in your garden. :o)

  • marigold jam says:

    We used to have a phone like that only ours was two tone green! Wonder what happened to it. The fudge sounds brilliant – must have a look at the recipe as anything peanut brittle is right up my street! We also have some snapdragons still flowering in the garden amazing in spite of the chill!


  • Andrea says:

    The colour of your phone is brilliant, just my exact colour scheme! love it. I have today purchased my first Christmas present that was not for Fin or Gabs! I like to have a bit of a panic buy!!! At work today at least 4 people came in and said that they were finishing their last bits!!! Can you believe that?
    I love your jars of fudge, a great pressie x

  • Great phone and cool retro colours! The fudge sounds yummy :) I can’t make food for Christmas presents – I just end up eating it before Christmas :( (I’m terrible – I used to have to buy at least two lots of Easter eggs when the girls were young, having eaten the first lot!

  • Annie says:

    Love your phone, we have just bought one very similar in a mustard colour. I love the sound of the ring but like you haven’t got used to it yet.
    Ann x

  • Green thumb says:

    ..did someone mention fudge???!! Mmmmmmmmh…
    Have a good weekend!


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