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Hello all, back to the start of another week and as I type, it’s snowing, eek!  Having seen the snowdrops emerge at the weekend and seeing the primroses begin to flower, I had high hope that snow was behind us, obviously not!

On Saturday I had the urge to thrift so we spent a pleasant morning trawling our favourite thrifty shops.  The boys even enjoyed it as they like to look out for books and cars! I managed to pick up a couple of great little buys including this teapot.  It was sitting on the shelf covered in dirt and the lid had been pushed inside the teapot, and as it was only a £1 I thought it need rescuing.

After much fiddling, hubby managed to get the lid out.  It’s a little precarious as there’s a chip out of the rim so probably why the lid fell in, but it looks good on display.

I also picked up this tray which has some beautiful tapestry work under the glass.  I’ve decided to paint the wooden surround as I’m not a big fan of dark wood, so hopefully I won’t ruin it!

The day was then finished off with some friends’ round for a meal and a bottle of wine, so all in all not bad.

This week sees the bathroom being re-tilled, then a new sink and shower.  I hope most of it will be done by Friday as our ‘little’ baby turns 8 on Shrove Tuesday! He’s having a party on Saturday so I’ll be frantically wrapping presents, buying (sorry making!) a cake and general birthday preparations.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to pop back later on in the week, but have a good one in the meantime!

PS – If you’re reading this Pea Green Kitty – I tried to leave a comment on your lovely blog, but was unable to…………


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