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Plums = Autumn

Plums was the word of the weekend in our house.

I’ve never been one (up to now) to cook or bake what’s in season, I tend to do what I fancy.  However, plums are in season and very reasonably priced. So, keen to seize the plum (see what I did there!), I set too and dug out my trusty Preserves book.

Plum butter – yep, I fancied some of that.  Having made Apple Butter a little while ago and established that there was no sign of butter (I’m intolerant to dairy), I had a stab at making some, and boy was it worth it.  Yesterday was the turn of the plum.  It’s quite simple really – sugar, water and fruit pulp which you boil until thick.  I’m not sure why fruit butter is called fruit butter, but you do get a lovely intense fruitiness – I added some spices for extra flavour. 

I halved the quantities and got 2 jars from 750g of plums.

Some of  the left over plums was turned into a crumble.  My Good Food calendar has a scrummy recipe for Maple Plum Crumble.  I also dug out an easy recipe for Plum Cake.  So, for £2.00 worth of plums, it actually turned into a thrifty weekend!

Always keen to keep my website uptodate with new goodies, I used some pretty fabrics for some ‘vases full of hearts’ which I then framed.  All being well, hubby will get it added to the website today.  I know I’ve got to make some Christmas goodies to add on, but I just can’t bring myself to think about Christmas yet, especially when the weather was as glorious as it was yesterday.

I’ll leave you with a picture of our resident ‘fungus’. It’s been growing steadily over the last week or so and we’ve all been fascinated by it, so I thought I’d share it!  Unfortunately during the night it took a tumble so you can only see the top of it.

Toodle Pip


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