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One of those never ending jobs….

Hello all – isn’t it great to have such wonderful weather (for now!).  To have a little warmth has seen us getting out and about as much as possible since Easter.  I hope everyone had a good one and didn’t do too much over indulging – we’ve still got a chocolate mountain to get through!

One thing I have been doing is the patchwork front door curtain.  The project length was apparently 4 hours – em – somewhat optimistic.

Here’s the fabrics all washed and ironed ready to be cut – a selection of 1930’s reproduction fabrics from Tikki.

I got a little goggle-eyed sewing endless triangles and then lining them all up.  The first mistake then crept in when hubby said ‘those triangles are the wrong way round’  Unfortunately it was in the middle, so a lot of swearing and unpicking then followed.

Work in progress –

What I didn’t realise is that the patchwork was actually the easy bit.  I then had to line it up with the wadding for the middle and then the backing fabric.  For smaller items, this is fine but because the curtain was so big it was rather difficult so I did have hubby standing on the bed spread eagled holding it up as high as he could whilst I pinned it!

I then added some tabs using a couple of the fabrics from the patchwork.  Job done, 4 days, not 4 hours!

It’s our anniversary today – 15 years!  I am ashamed to say that I had forgotten and only realised it was today when my mum, yesterday, wished us well.  I had also planned to go out with a friend tonight….so today will be spent postponing, and making amends for my ‘doh’ moment, especially when I was bought flowers and chocolates.  Oh dear.



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