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Now you see them now you don’t

Well folks, another week ends and this one just seemed to vanish!

I kept meaning to post a picture of our tree and it’s glorious colour, but here it is last Saturday

and here it is now

 – by Monday all it’s leaves had dropped so I’m so glad I took a picture of it prior!  The colours seem so beautiful this year, it’s apparently due to all the mild weather we’ve had, the trees have been able to hold onto the leaves – hence we’re seeing the colour on the trees, rather than on the ground!

This week has seen me catching up on outstanding and current work, but I did fancy a good route round our loft to pull out this fella –

I’m ashamed to say, I sold/donated a lot of baby related stuff many moons ago, but for some reason wanted to keep ‘George’.  My parents bought him for Jack one Christmas, just as he was beginning to walk.

He’s still got all his fur and hasn’t got that ‘old’ feel yet but I really felt he deserved coming into the warmth of the house so we can still appreciate him!  Maybe in another 20 years he’ll look old and worn and will be worth 3x the amount he is now….

I think I need to make him something though – maybe a little patchwork coat to put over his back??? what do you reckon?

Have a great weekend.


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