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Not even a mouse

Can disturb the silence in the house today!  The boys’ have gone back to school after 6 1/2 weeks off.  In many ways it seems like a long time ago since they broke up, but driving to school and standing in the playground – it only seemed like yesterday! 
 I’m not going to miss the arguments which increased in numbers over the last week or two and the constant clearing up, snack and drink preparing, and endless washing!  I am going to miss having them around, hearing their conversation, our cycle rides, trips out with friends and general relaxation.

But hey, onwards and upwards as they say.  I hope everyone enjoyed summer and the August Bank Holiday, and here’s to a balmy September!

Over the summer break, I did manage to complete my barkcloth patchwork cushion cover.  For some reason the original cushion cover had become ‘bleached’ on both corners so as a temporary measure I had covered the seat with a wool blanket. 

I’ve used the same wool blanket as a backing to the seat cover.  I’ve made it big enough to tuck in on all sides so I can whip it out to wash it.

My most enjoyable quick and simple project was this –

The original lampshade was plain and quite dull, so I thought I would jazz it up using some scraps of fabric and gluing it to the shade.  I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out.  I’ll hopefully get the other one completed today.

Right, I’m off now to make some secondary school open morning appointments!  I think we’ve decided on what school we want Toby to go to next year, but what we want and what we get given might not be the same, in fact I’ll probably bet money on it.



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