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I hope everyone is keeping warm, I think winter is officially here.  We have yet to have snow much to the disgust of my two boys but to the relief of me!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to visit you all recently, every minute of my day has been filled up with ongoing work, but when I do get a couple of minutes to breath I find myself drawn to the nostalgia of childhood items where there were no stresses or worries and where time always seemed to stand still.

Puffin books (as I commonly call them) is one of my childhood memories.  I know you can still buy Puffin books now, but I remember periodically getting the Puffin book list at school.  The excitement of taking it home and pouring over all the books I wanted.  Like with my two boys now, I don’t resent spending money on books and my parents were more than happy for me to order a couple of books at the time.

When they then arrived (which seemed a life time) I used to smell them – there’s something lovely about getting a new book and it being so crisp and untouched.  Unfortunately most of my Puffin books went – but I still have a few and jump on them if I see them in charity shops.

If the book is interesting, it’s a bonus – I’m attracted to the fact that it’s a Puffin book and the memories they evoke.

Fuzzy Felt is another childhood memory.  I used to spend hours and hours creating all sorts of scenes with it.  Who would have thought that a few bits of felt stuck onto a board would bring pleasure 60 odd years since it was first bought out.

In times of stress and pressure, what do reflect on?


  • fee~bee says:

    I remember story time in junior school and being read many puffin book stories I always loved that time peaceful and relaxing after a hard day of maths and English and I never owned a fuzzy felt but they had them at school too which got brought out at wet playtime .
    xx fee

  • My girls used to love Fuzzy Felt! I remember it well; we had boxes of it. I often – in times of stress – think back generally to (what seem like) simpler times. I’m not sure whether things were less stressful then, or if its just the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia. ‘Carefree camping days’ I think, for instance – but it was probably a nightmare really!! Have a good weekend :)

  • VintageVicki says:

    We had loads of fuzzy felts when I was little – I think my parents have still got several sets left that visiting grandchildren play with.

    I remember the puffin books – we had a good collection that got passed down all 7 of us children & then probably onto family/friends.

    BTW I did knit some ‘paper’chains – pics on my last blog post :)

  • Sheila says:

    Beautiful post, i love these things. I wish i read more when i was little though. My Mother always had books, but i didnt like reading stories, i flipped through the family ref books!! So now i go about reading childrens books all of the time!

  • Amanda says:

    I’d totally forgotten about the book catalouge, I used to love choosing a book. Now I enjoy checking the library database and reserving books on there. A lovely post.

  • Oh Sarah, I love Puffin books and have a small collection myself. I was never very keen on fuzzy felt though.

  • Mrs Pepperpot – wow haven’t seen a book with her in for years – I used to love books with her in them.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    I had the something to do book. I love books, my problem is I have too many!!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • A lovely post, i remember Fuzzy felt my ex bought me one for my xmas stocking last year and i spent a good hour xmas morning last year making a picture. I used to love the Milly, Molly Mandy books i can’t remember who wrote them now and also the adventures of Pip by Enid Blyton and i have managed to find 2 copies in a chairty shop so i now love those again and actually read them at night in bed 😉 Amazing how certain things can take you right backwards. Have a lovely weekend, Dee x

  • Sue says:

    Oh yes me too! I’ve written a few posts on my favourite nostalgic reads including Milly molly Mandy and Something to Do and other Puffin books. I used to love Fuzzy Felts too. I particuarly remember one with fairies.

  • Country Girl says:

    I recognise some of those Puffins. We had a Book Shop at our school where you could buy stamps each week to save up for a book and I’m sure that they were Puffin books.

  • Oh I do love old books and bought the Something to Do not so very long ago, what a great one that is! I’ve kept some of my old childhood annuals.

  • I love fuzzy felts. So simple but so entertaining.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  • I just got a Puffin book from a charity shop, The Witch’s Daughter by Nina Bawden. I’ve always loved books and hope to pass this love onto my son.

  • Lucille says:

    I’m glad you’ve got a copy of Something to Do. It’s indispensable isn’t it? Thank you for your visit.

  • Mrs Pepperpot and Fuzzy Felts…. oooh the memories!

    Victoria xx


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