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Wow, how time is flying, don’t you think?  With so much to do, the boys’ breaking up next week and so little time left, I think it’ll be a full on weekend getting stuff done.  Normally I try and get Christmas bits and bobs done in between work, but work has fully dominated my days for the last 6 weeks.  I’m hoping over the next few days it will slow down.

Anyway, earlier this week we woke to a really hard frost, so much so, it was like driving the boys to school through Narnia.  I wish I could have taken some pictures as it was incredible.  I did however, take some when I got home.  It doesn’t quite have the same visual impact when you’re taking closer shots compared to casting your eyes over a wider view.

Apparently, the frost we had was called a ‘Hoar’ frost which forms when the air cools and the water condenses.  Because the temperatures were below zero, it’s called a hoar frost.  If the temperatures were above zero it would be a dew frost (frozen water droplets).

The hoar frost is recognised by the delicate icy structures which completely fascinated me!

So, there you go, a lesson about frosts!

Whilst on the subject of this week, I took delivery of an early Christmas treat.  I had seen on the lovely Folly and Glee’s site such a pretty lamp, which I did ponder about getting for a little while.  With encouragement by hubby I pressed the purchase button, and hey presto it was mine!

Here it is, pride of place next to the yet to be decorated Christmas tree.  The lamp base is a lovely Christmas red and the shade has been made using  vintage barkcloth depicting a community collecting maple syrup.
Unfortunately the light is so poor, my photo’s don’t do it justice.

Thank you Polly, I’m a happy bunny!

Right, onwards and upwards.  Have a great weeekend.


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