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More patriotic goodies……………

I’ve decided to take stock for the next 30 mins with a very large cup of freshly brewed coffee…….You know how some mornings just don’t go to plan despite doing the same routine day in day out – how that happens goodness knows.

Anyway, Jack’s off again, he went back to school yesterday and then struggled with coughing and doing PE etc. Hubby is leaving later this week, so I don’t think that helped this morning’s proceedings. We got in the car, picked up Jack’s friend (we car share) and off we went. Got to school, Toby got out, opened the boot and realised that there was no bag or lunchbox in there. Aagh I thought. Don’t worry I said, let me get you into school, I’ll drive home then come straight back again…………..

Jack sat in the car, whilst Toby, Jack’s friend and I went into the gates. In order to speed up the process, I asked one of the mum’s to make sure they went into the classrooms so I could dash home. Unfortunately we have 2 mile each way trip to school (don’t get me started on that one!) and the traffic is not great at the best of times.

On the way home I realised that I hadn’t told Jack’s teacher that he wasn’t going to be in. Heh ho – they would have figured that one by now.

To cut a long story short, got the bag into school and all in all wasted 30 extra minutes. It doesn’t sound a lot but time seems such a precious commodity when you don’t have enough of it. Phew done!

Onto more interesting things – last week a customer emailed me to say that she had seen my patriotic painted hearts and she would like a set for her husband. Normally I don’t get to hear people’s stories as to why they need particular items in a hurry, but she said that her husband is a soldier and was going away that weekend. They have 3 sons and she wanted each son to give him one of my patriotic hearts. How could I refuse. That was so sweet.

I got them made and sent in time and she was pleased. I wonder if he’s taken them with him…………I hope so, they’ll remind him of his 3 sons.

Onwards and upwards


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