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Match made in heaven

As you know from my previous post that I was itching to make Gooseberry and Elderflower jam. Well, I finally did it! The recipe came from my book aptly named ‘Preserving’ and it was so easy. My concern was the elderflowers bit. I have to confess I didn’t know where to look for them or indeed what they looked like.

So armed with a picture of them, we all headed off on Sunday to the PYO. Driving along the gravely drive at the PYO I spotted a bush of them. With my carrier bag I got out and managed to get enough. I feel a little silly now as elderflower is everywhere, in fact I pass some every day going to school??!!! – obvious when you know I guess.

The gooseberry crop was really good and we got a whole basket costing £11! Hubby almost fainted but I convinced him it would be worth it and think of all the gooseberry items I could make!
I couldn’t wait to get home and immerse myself into the jam making. The recipe only required 2 heads of elderflower which I was quite surprised with, but after tasting it and smelling it I can understand why. Unfortunately I don’t have a thermometer so tested it the old fashioned way – saucers in the fridge, teaspoon etc etc. I finally got there and I’m so pleased with it. I didn’t actually realise how perfect elderflowers and gooseberries are together – a true match.

Don’t ask me why the jam in the pot looks different from the finished article, I’ve no idea but I’m sure someone will tell me!

I still had loads of gooseberries left, so made a one crust pie – disaster (not enough pastry and too many gooseberries). Gooseberry jam tarts, and later this week a gooseberry fool.

I haven’t deliberately missed out the jam on a couple of them – Jack doesn’t like jam so he wanted to make his own tart!

That I think will have me completely gooseberried out………


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