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Let me introduce you to my new friend

Tra la……….

I made her yesterday with a view to possibly adding her to the website, and I think she turned out rather well, what do you think? She’s very dinky but so cute. I couldn’t think of a name, so I asked the boys this morning. Toby grunted and rolled over in his bed (more of that in a mo), and Jack who was full of the joy’s of Spring said ‘Lucy’ so I hereby name my pink critter ‘Lucy’.

Getting Toby motivated this morning was like oh I don’t know – difficult. I did feel for him and would have loved to have said ‘don’t worry, stay at home today’ but can you imagine Jack’s reaction? Anyway, Toby’s in the middle of his optional SATs. He’s not bothered by them, but he always puts so much effort into everything he does, and then pays the price for it at a later date. Roll on Friday I think.

We went to see Coraline at the weekend. Great film, scary in places and I thought it was quite a ‘dark’ film but the boys enjoyed it and the detail in it was fab.

Don’t ask me why but on Friday evening I decided to make a cushion. I was pooped out after getting orders made up and posted, so I should have just grabbed a glass of wine and bar of chocolate……….but I just fancied making something for our house! It’s not technically accurate in places but I can get away by saying it adds to the character! I thought it looked quite sweet on the little green chair.

Another manic week ahead as always so see you later………


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