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Here we are again, back at the start – hope everyone is well?

On Friday I started a new make, but realised I couldn’t finish it as I didn’t have enough interlining – how frustrating!  On Saturday I set too to have it completed – little did I know there were going to be a few problems……

Lesson 1 – don’t try and complete something when you’re tired.

Lesson 2 – don’t even attempt anything new when you’re in a bad mood.

Lesson 3 – don’t keep going, waste a whole day and end up fudging it.

Em – I didn’t want to leave it and waste Sunday trying to finish it, and maybe I should have done as once it was finished I was so frustrated with it, it ended up in the bin (it did promptly get removed).

On reflection, 1 mistake then spiralled out of control so I know for next time (ha ha).  When cutting out the top layer of petals against the backing fabric and then the interlining, I didn’t number them so when I tried to then line up the 3 layers, they didn’t which is why there’s some puckering (I did clip the edges!). Grrrr

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying success with my ever growing crochet blanket, which I’ve oddly named the ice cream blanket.  I’m not sure how big I’m going to make it but it does cheer me up!


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