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Kew Gardens

Morning everyone – did you all have a good weekend?

On Saturday we took a drive to Kew Gardens for the day, and what a fantastic place it is, all 300 acres of it.  Almost incomprehensible when we looked at the plan of where everything was.

The boys were very keen to do the tree-top walk and as the lift had broken we walked up the 108 steps to the top (approx 60ft).  Anyone who know me, knows that heights are not my thing.  I wasn’t feeling too great walking up the steps as you could see through them to the bottom!  Then getting to the top, the walkway was also see through (albeit little holes).  That was enough for me, I had to make my way down – what a wimp!

The photo’s are courtesy of hubby and the boys!

The glasshouses were incredible.  The largest being the only surviving Victorian glasshouse structures.  Those Victorian’s were impressive!  Isn’t it fantastic?

I think one of our favourite items was the lily pad glasshouse – look at the size of these lily pad leaves, you could almost sit in one.

This one here is upside down to show everyone the fantastic structure of them.

Another glasshouse held an array of butterflies.  The sizes and colours of them are like nothing I’ve seen before.  As always, photo’s don’t do the enormity of them any justice.

Whilst we were there, I did pop into my favourite fabric shop, so I’ll share with you what I  bought, later on the week.
Have a good day!


  • It’s hard to believe those lily pads are real, isn’t it? I guess you’d soon find out if you DID try to sit on one!
    The Victorians were certainly great designers. xx

  • Carmel says:

    This post has made me all homesick – my home patch. When I went back to London for a few years, we lived downt the road from the Gardens. We were always there, on picnics, walking, I used to run through early on a Saturday morning (even though you are not supposed to). Every July the Gardens hosts a music festival. We all used to trot down with our picnics and beverages and dance the summer night away. Concord did a fly over for a Bjorn Again gig. Such happy memories of this place. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I don’t think the lift at the tree walk has ever worked. Did you shop at the fabric shop on Sandycombe Road – I can’t remember the name, it’s next to Q Green restaurant. My hairdresser was next to it too – aah take me back.
    Enjoy your summer

  • They are some lily pads!

    Victoria x

  • Wonderful place. Visited years ago hmm! think another visit in offing. Oh yes, go for the deckchair makeover, just waiting for the sun to shine again to use it.

  • Josie-Mary says:

    Looks lovely, I’ve never been :(

  • pip says:

    … that brings me back… I was about 8 years old when we visited the giant lily pads :)

  • Oh I do so love Kew gardens…its pretty much the only reason that I would visit London… mind you I would like to go to the History museum to see the egytian displays again…

    those lily pads are amazing…

    x Alex

  • What a wonderful place!
    You are not the only one who is scared of heights, I once went up to the top of Blackpool Tower in the lift and was so scared that I couldn’t get out! The lift attendant said I was the 1st person that had ever done that. He found it very funny of course. The fact that you made it up all of those steps is an achievement in itself.
    Thanks for sharing such lovely pics.

  • Those lily pads are amazing! Love the green house!

  • Country Girl says:

    What lovely photos. I would just love to visit there myself. One day….

  • silverpebble says:

    I never tire of seeing images of those giant lily pads.

  • Felted House says:

    I’ve never been – but it looks amazing, those lily pads are so big! I wouldn’t have made it to the top of the trees either, anything like that you can see through is no good for me. xx


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