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I do have to despair at the male species sometimes. They have an ability to forget on more than one occasion, can’t see what’s right in front of them and can only achieve one task at a time and any more than that, the world then crashes down etc etc etc etc.
The male in question happens to be my 9yr old, and maybe I should make allowances for that fact that he is a child. My excuse is that I’m doing him a favour for his later years.

It started yesterday – he had to go to school with a couple of extra items – football boots, and his cooking ingredients for his yummy lunch they were doing. He also had to do a class assembly and should have taken in all his bits and pieces which he forgot (he hadn’t told me so I couldn’t remind him).

At the end of the day, I picked them up and we had to run out of school as Jack had football which starts at 3.30 over the other side of town so always a rush. Get into the car, drive off and I said to Toby – do you have your football boots ‘No’, do you have the ingredient containers ‘No’, have you got your water bottle ‘No’. The only thing he remembered to bring out was himself – doh………There was no time to turn round and get them all so on we went to football. End of Wednesday.

This morning Toby got dressed and the trousers he put on were too big. Never mind I said, just turn the top of the trousers over. His other numerous pairs of trousers were spinning round in the washing machine. I apparently should have washed them lastnight according to him – hellooooo. I did let that comment go. As he has a cold I told him to put a pack of tissues in his pocket.

I then went downstairs and saw that the washing machine had finished so quickly got a pair of trousers out and started to tumble dry them. Went back upstairs to finish getting ready, told Toby to take the ones he had on off which he did. He then went downstairs to wait for the tumble dryer to finish, meanwhile he had left his MP3 blaring upstairs. By this point my blood was beginning to boil.

Anyway, I got the trousers out of the tumble dryer, sent Jack upstairs to get the pack of tissues from Toby’s original trouser pocket. (I hope you are all keeping up!!!!). He couldn’t find them, Toby then went upstairs – he couldn’t find them either. Despite being told to put them in his pocket, he had put them down somewhere in his room and then they somehow vanished……….

He has the ability to work out complex maths problems in his head (I have to use a calculator to make sure he’s got the answer right!!) but yet simple tasks seem to overwhelm him.

Oddly enough, as soon as I returned from dropping them off at school I found them – they were lying in full view on his bookcase. I rest my case.

So that’s that really. I may come back in another life as a knitted teddy. Tra la la.


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