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Jelly on a plate and jam

I had an urge earlier this week to make up some jelly, I don’t know why, and I haven’t had it for years, but it does evoke childhood memories of jelly at parties and for special treats.  I also remember eating it in it’s ‘raw’ state – did anyone else do that?

Jelly at parties always used to be on plates or bowls in those traditional jelly like shapes.  Oh how I loved it.  Alongside that was the infamous blancmange – remember – love it or hate it I think – I fell into the later category.

Anyway I made some using some tinned fruit too and set it in some teacups which I thought looked quite sweet.

Whilst I was on the domestic goddess front, I decided to make some jam – now here’s a thrifty tip……I had some frozen berries in the freezer which needed using up (they were a £1), 50p’s worth of sugar and water.  I eventually ended up with 3 jars of jam (son no 1 has already tucked into it!).

Based on the average cost of ajar, I reckon I saved £3.  Now, I’m not normally one to bake, cook or jam make to save money, I do it because I enjoy it.  Nevertheless I thought it was an interesting exercise, and it just goes to show that at this time of year when berries are rather expensive, you can still make jam using frozen fruit, which is comparitively cheaper and feel quite satisfied that through the remaining winter you’ve got some lovely homemade jam to enjoy.

Right, I’m off now to continue with my domestic goddess duties.  Toodle-pip!


  • marigold jam says:

    Brought back memories for me too. I remember jellies in waxed dishes from childhood parties back in the late 40s early 50s!! Yes I used to eat it raw. Later in the 70s I used to make what we called goldfish jellies which were tinned mandarin orange segments set in lemon jelly!

    I got some Seville oranges yesterday to make some marmalade and today bought a bag of seeded flour for making bread so I am with you on the domestic goddess front!


  • Mandy says:

    ‘Raw’ jelly – yummy! Love how you have set it with fruit in the lovely tea cups!

  • ♥ Amy ♥ says:

    those tea cups are sweet! I love home made jam…but i dont make it…my mum does! xxx

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Raw jelly – I eat it as a child, and in its liquid state too, mum used to ask me to stir the jelly and I would drink it off the spoon whilst stirring. My boys use to eat the raw jelly like sweets too.

  • Jennifer says:

    I just found your blog, and I love it. My mom brought back some blackcurrant jelly from her recent trip to England, and I haven’t had it since I was a kid. Brought back a lot of memories.

  • Floss says:

    We had jelly at a children’s party here in France once – the children thought they should drink it! They were most bemused by its solid state and not all were confident enough to try it…

  • My mum used to make a chocolate blancmange rabbit with green jelly grass for our birthday parties.
    Raw jelly cubes? Yum. My daughter doesn’t like them though. She’d rather eat a raw Oxo cube. Strange child. xx

  • ooo raw jelly cubes I haven’t had that for ages I used to love it!
    I now have an urge to make jelly in teacups as well :-) Lesley x

  • TheMadHouse says:

    Oh yes, raw jelly a real treat, infact we still let the boys have it and a drink of the jelly before it sets too!!

  • Sal says:

    I love jelly. I put two in my trolley when I last shopped!
    Have you also tried milk Jelly? I love that too!

  • bellaboo says:

    Loved it raw too.The blackcurrant flavour was my favourite.My Mum used to mix jelly and evaporated milk and make a sort of mousse.Loved jelly and ice cream.Always had that at children’s parties when I was young.


  • Ooo Yea! Jelly and icecream, a must at all childrens parties. And raw jelly – Yum – nothing quite like it. As I grew older into my late teans we discovered vodka jellies! – melt the jelly in as little hot water as possible, cool slightly with some cold water (or wait untill it cools off a bit – the hot liquid will evaporate the alochol, and we dont want that!) – then make up jelly with vodkaIt went down very well!

    Vicky x

  • noelle says:

    hmmm homemade jam, lovely! not sure about the jelly though sorryx x

  • Josie-Mary says:

    I loved raw jelly! I really want to make some jelly now, looks great in the tea cups….I think I might have some in the cupboard, very good for the diet too!
    Homemade jam……can I come to your house?? :)

  • ooohh Jelly… I like jelly and Blamange… and custard.. and … pudding basically! lol

    A trifle is the best of all worlds… as I get all 3 in the same bowl… however you can leave out the sponge and the sherry! yuck!

    the jam looks fab… I haven’t dabbled in jam making yet… everyone makes it sound complicated!

    x Alex

  • Julia says:

    I need to confess that I had a near on obsession with eating raw jelly as a child, and just the smell of it now sends me back to friends birthday parties in the 70’s…ah they were the days!! Jelly and icecream, potted meat sandwiches and little butterfly buns – nothing fancy but its all we needed!

    I now have a strange desire to write ‘jelly’ on my shopping list…

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  • I love jelly, when I was unwell over christmas it was all I could eat!

    Victoria xx

  • charl says:

    hi there

    thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment..
    as for me .. i have never liked jelly..could only just about force vodka jellys down a few years back when i was a single girl about town!!..
    my kids love it though and we always make it !!
    the jam looks great !!

  • Kate says:

    That read certainly brought back some memories. I used to love eating the cubes of raw jelly as a child. I’d eat the lot in no time at all. And yes, I loved drinking the warmed liquid too, all much nicer than the end result I thought.

    I’m all set to make seville orange marmalade this week!


  • driftwood says:

    ooh your jam and jelly sounds fantastic. I like making traffic light jellies with lots of layers of colours. xx

  • hi sarah thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment, I’ve just been admiring you “quilting in no time” projects. They look fab!!!
    As for the jelly – i love raw jelly, haven’t had any in a long time though!!!
    all your domesticity is putting me to shame!!!off to find a good recipe for tomorrows tea!!


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