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It would have to be one of those days….

We all get them, and yesterday was my day for one of those.  I’ll blame it on having snow for 3 consecutive Wednesday’s

My plan was to get work bits and bobs sorted, then add some pretty fabric edging to a plain white towel – sounds simple huh?  Not to be – I originally thought (as per the Quilting in No Time), note ‘No Time’ I would do 2 triangles – sew them together to make a square, and follow that sequence along the edge of the towel.

The sewing machine decided to throw a wobble, doing it by hand didn’t work so I scrapped the triangles and the alternative was to do strips, then add ric-rac.  Got the ruler (believe it or not I have problems drawing straight lines even with rulers) and of course couldn’t even get that right.  I thought I was a reasonably articulate person and can even do my times table, but me and rulers just don’t go! By the end of the day and much faffing, I completed it.  Something that could have been straightfoward took far too long for my liking!

In the middle of this I was doing some work and managed to knock my favourite fabric pin cushion smack bang in the middle of an open tin of red paint……aagh.

Lastly, hubby who was working from home managed to spill a cup of tea all over my nicely made table runner – remember that one? Blast Blast and double Blast.

Today will be a far better day, I hope!  Whilst sorting out some bits this morning, I came across 2 cards which I used to have pinned up on my message board – who remembers Malory Towers and The Magic Faraway Tree?  They really had to be my most favourite books of all time.



  • Lydia says:

    Eeek! The magic faraway tree is one of my absolute all time favourites & the wishing chair….

    Loved the towel, especially after all the hard work it took!


  • Oh I loved the magic faraway tree!

    What a pig of a day, I hate it when you have days like that. And I thought I was the only person who had ruler trouble! I swear my vision is on a wonk sometimes!

    Loved the towel after all that effort it was certainly worth it.

    Hope today is much much nicer! And horray the snow has gone!

    MBB x

  • ♥ Amy ♥ says:

    what a day!! the towel is lovely!! xxxx

  • Mary Poppins says:

    The towel is beautiful you should be very proud :) I definately have days like that, more often than not, very frustrating aren’t they. The books are wonderful, two of my favourites there, tis a lovely book Quilting in no time, I had to laugh at your no time joke 😉 It a very pretty book I find :)



  • Mary Poppins says:

    Your curtain is adorable, If the one I make looks anywhere near as pretty as that I shall surly be one happy lady :)


  • KC'sCourt! says:

    The towel is pretty. I remember the Faraway Tree and Malory Towers. Julie xxx

  • I loved Malory Towers so much I wanted to go there!

  • Oh dear… I had my clumsy “why did I bother to get up” day today… so this afternoon I am staying indoors and doing as little as possible… lol I spent the morning doing my stint in the kitchen washing cups and saucers and cafetiers at the village cafe! not a good day to be Mrs Clumsy pants!

    I don’t think I read malory towers, I have loads of faraway tree, wishing chair and 5’s … even Milly molly mandy! they are the best!

    x Alex

  • bellaboo says:

    Sorry you had a ‘nothing goes right’ day.At least it wasn’t just you..hubby too!The towel is very pretty…almost too nice to use!


  • noelle says:

    oh brings back such memories, i soo wanted to go there. I wish i had kept all my copies i would read them all again!! x x

  • Sal says:

    Days like that eh? I dropped a huge box of buttons all over the place last week…I’d spent ages sorting them into colours too!
    I was brought up on Enid Blyton…Malory Towers was a massive fave of mine!

  • Mandy says:

    Hi Sarah
    Oh what a day you had! Hope things are on the up now!
    I am just awaiting delivery of a book ‘The magic faraway tree’! I thought it was wonderful when i was a child and recently saw mention of it in a magazine so i have ordered a book from Amazon. I have ordered an old copy as apparently the later copies have character name changes.
    I only discovered your blog and shop last week. Love it!

  • lou says:

    My day was a bit like that today! The towel looks beautiful. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Love Lou xxx

  • tomorrow is another day as they say :-)
    the magic faraway tree and the following two are being re read by my daughter at the moment – happy memories :-)

  • magsmcc says:

    The Magic Faraway Tree has been quite the leitmotif of my week, you know, and here it is now too! I’ll have to join Mandy and Amazon forthwith!

  • Oh it does sound like you had a day of it!

    Let’s hope that’s 2010’s one out of the way and the rest of the year will be fabulous

    Victoria xxx

  • Well, the towel looks really pretty, even if it was a struggle today.

  • maryannlucy says:

    I think it must be January – your day sounds like my month so far – challenging!!!! I hope you are having a better day today.
    Mallory Towers and the Twins at St Clares – you have brought so many happy memories back. i know a lot of people were one or the other, but I happily loved both :)

  • Tilly Rose says:

    Hi hunny! I’ve only just found you….lovely blog…definately will be following from now on…we have a lot in common!
    my favourite read of all time was Mallory Towers! I so wished I was there! thanks for the memory x
    if you have 5 mins feel free to pop over and say hello…
    hugs Karen x x x

  • Wow! The Magic Faraway tree and The Wishing Chair!! Such fond childhood memories, Thanks for that, next time I visit my parents i intend to hunt down my old copies.


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