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Last weekend we took a trip to the Hampton Court Flower Show.  We hadn’t had a chance to go for a few years, so it was great to go again and bask in the heat, great garden displays and all that was on offer.  It certainly didn’t disappoint (apart from being a little too hot!).

I was on a mission to purchase some floxgloves – whilst we don’t have a typical cottage garden, I do draw a lot of inspiration from those who cram their gardens full of glorious cottage garden plants – for me foxgloves have to feature!

What we do have is quite a large ‘woody’ area so foxgloves are well suited to it.  I did purchase a couple and they now take pride of place in the garden.

Our 3 water butts are now completely dry of rain water so now resorting to tap water for the poor old plants which are positively melting in this heat – even my lavender who I thought liked dry conditions are even struggling!

We can’t complain though as Autumn, the cold and Winter will soon be upon us.

Speaking of those seasons, I am in the process of making some new Autumn/Halloween and Christmas goodies – these will be uploaded to the Seasonal Page as soon as time permits!



  • PinkCatJo says:

    So glad I found your lovely blog again! It’s taken me a while to find it.

    You had perfect weather for going to RHS Hampton Court. My parents went to Chelsea this year and it tipped down all day. They sampled lots of tea and spent hours in the marquees!

    I know what you mean about the weather this summer. I’m loving the garden but so bored of watering it twice a day. I think it’s meant to rain today so at least I’ll get a night off! x

    • Kristian says:

      Thanks so much for finding me again! It made sense for me to run the blog via the website otherwise I’ve got too many fingers in too many pies! Yes, I think we are in for a run of wet weather now – boo hoo! x


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