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I really shouldn’t

get started on something else, especially when there’s work to do, planting to be done, chores to get through, but what the heck, I’ll do it anyway!

I was doing a spot of tidying up earlier on in the week and saw an article I had cut out depicting vintage yoyo quilts.  Traditional yoyo quilts were made from using small scraps of fabric and as I have an over run basket full of them I thought it was another way of using up some of them.

Apparently, they were made in the thousands as each would be about 1″ in diameter.  I’m making 2″ ones and as you can see I’ve made 1 but cut out lots of circles – I may be some time doing this!

It was also a project undertaken by a number of people – ha ha (only me doing this one).

It doesn’t need to be backed or bound as the quilt should be double thickness due to the construction of the yoyos. Mine will be vintage by the time it’s finished…..The question is, will I continue with it or will it end up on a pile of other WIP’s?????

The other day Vintage Vicki was offering to send 2 ladybird books she had picked up.  One of them was The Gingerbread Boy which I haven’t got.  I was fortunate enough to be the first to say I would like it.  Vicki promptly sent it and yesterday it arrived all beautifully wrapped.  Thanks Vicki!

Easter holidays start later today so I’ll sign off for a few days – enjoy whatever you are going to be doing!


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