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I might be making progress

Morning All,

I hope everyone is getting on with everything they need to do for Christmas? We can now officially say that Christmas is next week – yippee! I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ll be mighty glad when the boys’ break up, it seems to be taking forever…..That’s when I feel I can relax a little!

The tree has finally been decorated, the lights twinkle on the tree outside, wrapping has commenced and baking is underway.

Whilst at Country Living I bought what looked like Christmas puddings wrapped in fabric. – in fact they were scented rosehips tied in a bundle with some string – such a simple but great idea. The scent coming from them is glorious and fills the room when you walk in.

I managed to get the backbone of orders completed over the weekend and only have a few left to get finished this week so all is good.

Jack has been busy with his art work over the last few days – he did a drawing thinking that there was a competition at the school fair – unfortunately there wasn’t so his drawing had to come home. I was secretly quite pleased as I thought he had done such a good job so we now have the pleasure of it.

Amy from Bubbles Thoughts was kind enough to give me an award over the weekend

I have to list 5 things I like doing and pass it onto 5 friends’ – Here’s the 5 things I enjoy doing –
1) Being with my family

2) Running my business

3) Cooking

4) Having a good old rummage through antique and charity shops

5) Being outside

I’m going to cop out on the passing it on, as there are so many enjoyable blogs which I read. Anyone who reads my blog and would like this award, accept it with my pleasure.

See you later in the week.


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