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I know when Christmas is coming

when I start making mince pies

when I flick through the Christmas CD’s, put them on and start singing….

When I start putting out the miseltoe garland lights across the console table

I thought I would be restrained in my Christmas preparations this year, as I went into Baa-humbug mode protesting that I had gone off Christmas and would be relieved when it was all over. I was obviously in some sort of mood as that’s all completely changed.

I’m in full swing and itching to get the Christmas decorations down. I love unboxing them all, remembering what was there and which ones to put out. Each year, I buy a few more and put them away, trying to forget about them, so I can yelp with joy when I see them again…..

My address book is already out in preparation for Christmas card writing which I normally do at the end of November.

My Christmas present notebook has all the goodies that I’ve bought various family members and friends, along with receipts (you never know!). The notebook goes back to the year 2000 when Toby was first born – it’s lovely to look back to see what he was bought. Some may find this all quite clinical but in my quest to remain highly organised and in charge, it’s proven to be invaluable!

Whilst on the subject – better go, got lists to write…..!!!!

PS – look what arrived at the front door for hubby…..unless he’s not telling me something – I reckon inside the box is my Christmas present! Better not peep!


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