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After spending a day at the Vintage at Goodwood festival, we then spent a week on the border of Devon/Dorset, and what a lovely week it was.  Fortunately the weather was kind to us for the most part!

From beaching to NT properties, to fossil hunting to steam trains, to shopping to River Cottage, to boat roads to lots and lots of walking is the summary of our week.  Not people to sit and veg for a weeks holiday, we certainly crammed a lot in.

It even took a lot to sit on the beach for a few hours!  I wish I had taken a photo, but we got to Lyme Regis beach early and it was lovely and quiet.  Got all our bits unpacked – the boys went off and did their thing.  Within 1 hour I was beginning to feel hemmed in, a further 1/2 an hour later we had people sitting 6″ in front, behind and both sides.  I should have built a trench around us!  On that basis, we had to leave.   Too busy for my liking and not much fun when there’s no sand left for the boys to build castles with.

Moaning over!  The highlight of the holiday for me had to be Greenway’s – Agatha Christie’s home on the River Dart near Dartmouth.  It only opened to the public last year and is a little troublesome to get to as there’s only a car park for a dozen odd cars so you have to pre-book, otherwise you have to find ‘greener’ ways to get there.

The house and gardens themselves aren’t the prettiest, but there was something quite magical about walking round the house Agatha Christie lived in.  The views were superb.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any internal shots but here’s some external ones.

Here’s a montage of the rest of the week.

Don’t you just love holidays…………..?


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