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Hi Di Hi

Hello all,

I’m back from our little trip-et away.  Hope you’re all enjoying the summer – I don’t want it to end!

I won’t overload you with too many photo’s, so will split it in two – the first being the fantastic Vintage at Goodwood festival in West Sussex.  It was an extremely good event, although we only went for 1 day, due to our already booked holiday.  Not having been to a festival before, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it was great, although I’m sure it doesn’t fall into traditional type festivals!

We were lucky enough to go on the only dry, sunny day (phew).  We took our two boys which I was initially a little worried about as I was concerned about their boredom levels!  I needn’t have worried as there was a vast array of activities for children – most of which you could leave them (temporarily) whilst they busied themselves. In fact we ended up spending more time on their activities than enjoying ours!

The event was well organised and had some excellent activities, vintage caravans, vintage fairground, music, food, buses, a ‘beach’, vintage cars and bikes, stalls, shops and a whole lot more.   One of my favourite displays was a 1940’s allotment (I don’t think it differs from one today but it was lovely nevertheless).  It was wonderful to see so many people dressed in vintage clothing, hair and make-up done as it would have been in the 40’s.

Here’s a pictorial snapshot of a fantastic day. (You can probably click on the photo’s to enlarge them).

Vintage buses laid on, transporting people from the local train station

In we go……….

Love the coloured cars

Oh, to drive round in one of these!
Sit a while and create……
Now, I wouldn’t mind owning a caravan like this

Good old fashioned fun

Jack’s (on the left) had fun!

Hopefully they’ll be another festival next year!

Right, I’m off for a blog catch up…..


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