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Happy Birthday…………

Toby  – 10 today – where have those last 10 years gone!

Hope everyone’s well?  I’ve just got back from the school run and I’m going to catch my breath with a cup of coffee before getting on with the day.

Toby along with Jack and 4 of Toby’s friends went bowling, then to Pizza Hut on Saturday.  An experience I never want to repeat anytime soon.  There wasn’t any bad behaviour or attitude and they were all polite, but……..they were absolutely hyper, and wouldn’t leave each other alone!  I’ve never seen a group of boys be so physical.  It was like watching monkey’s at a zoo!!  Hubby at one point said I was very calm, I did explain later that day that I was a simmering fire which could have ignited…..

Pizza Hut was interesting – we had a poor childless couple sat next to us who did look in on horror at how loud they were and of course everything was bought down to a toilet humour level.  Thank goodness they went as soon as they had had their fill of ‘E’ numbers at the ice-cream machine…………Nevertheless they all enjoyed themselves.

As soon as I got home I buried my head in some sewing – instant therapy!  and my industriousness led to a bolster cushion – (maybe I should entertain 4 10yr olds more often if I get results like this!).

It was really enjoyable to do, albeit quite difficult.  As I didn’t have a bolster cushion pad the size they suggested in the instructions, I had to calculate the amount of fabric to use based on the pad I had.  I’ve bought another pad, slightly bigger so this time round it might be a little easier!  What did I say last week, about being cushioned out?!

Have a good day.


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