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Cor, I don’t know about you but last week was such a blur (quite literally) with the snow. More is forecast for our part of the country later today/tomorrow.

Despite the cold, dreary weather, I have tried to indulge myself and the house with some prettiness. I’m always keen to buy potted spring bulbs once they arrive in the shops – I can then enjoy them indoors, then subsequently outdoors the following year.

Tulips are a firm flower favourite where I’m concerned and at £2.00 a bunch I wasn’t going to grumble!
In the event that I ‘may’ do some Spring cleaning some time this year (not) – I thought these new Sarah Smith cleaning cloths might inspire me – and if you believe that you’ll believe anything! I love the colours and as there are 10 in a pack – I might put some of them to crafting use. Speaking of crafting – I’m still managing to fit in some projects for myself – the latest one is the draught excluder – again, the pattern was from the great Quilting in No Time. This project was by far the easiest and a great way of using some fabrics that aren’t quite big enough for other things.
The brilliant thing about it is that you can have the strips as thick or thin as you desire. I’ve added some lace and pom-pom edging just to make it more interesting. I also added some lavender too. My next project is a patchwork front door curtain. I think that one will be a little more time consuming and will require a lot of patience and thought – neither of which are great attributes of mine….

Keep warm everyone!


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