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Elderflower cordial

Hello again,on another Monday!
I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  I knew that I had to stay in this weekend due to too much work, but I knew working continuously for the entire weekend would have been torture so in between jobs I made, (with a couple of helpers!) some elderflower cordial, taken from The River Cottage book.

I was confident this year after picking it last year that I knew where it grew and what it looked like!  So off we went and picked ourselves a good 26 elderflower heads.

Give them a good wash

Add orange and lemon zest and juice, boiling water and leave to stand for 24 hours.

Simmer with 1kg of sugar, strain and hey presto you have yourself 2 litres of elderflower cordial.  For flowers that smell completely rank, when you add boiling water to them, the smell is delectable.

It’s so simple, I can’t believe I’ve never made it before, and the taste is fantastic.

Whilst in the kitchen I made a white chocolate and blueberry cake and it really was scrummy (none left now)!  My only error was not using a good quality chocolate as the cheap chocolate was quite difficult to work with, but I’ll know for next time!

My WIP hexagon cushion is now complete and sits proudly on my favourite chair.  Don’t you just love it when projects get completed.  Rather than get on with the other WIP’s I thought I may as well add another one to the mix – a patchwork bolster cushion.  Have you guessed I like patchwork?!

Changing the subject completely – I’m lucky enough to be going to Wimbledon on Wednesday – I’ve never been and always wanted to go.  My friend’s son plays tennis and gets tickets through his club.  She managed to get 3 tickets, 1 for her and 1 each for her 2 boys.  Fortunately for me, 1 of her boys doesn’t want to miss England’s match (he may regret that based on our previous performances!), so she offered it to me!

See you later on in the week.



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