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Easter treats

I promised to share with you some of my ‘bargain’ purchases this weekend. So many bloggers had been talking about CK being in TK Maxx so I couldn’t resist taking a look. I don’t tend to go in there as I can’t be bothered rummaging through lots of clothes, but as I was looking at homeware it didn’t really matter! I did see a CK bath mat at a snip of a price, but didn’t get it – eh? Very silly of me.

However, I did purchase a lovely felt watering can filled with chocolates. They also had chocolate animals which I couldn’t resist! It’s a shame they’re not made of tin as they look too nice to eat.

I thought the watering can went really well with the Easter felt basket I got in Paperchase, what do you reckon? I’ll look forward to displaying them today.

In fact I can’t believe that Easter is so near and the schools break up at the end of next week – I can’t wait. Although it hasn’t been too long a term, the boys are definately tired. I think it’s end of winter syndrome.

Would love to get out in the garden this week in between work and domestic chores, but we’ll see. Sometimes all good intentions don’t quite go to plan as we all know.

Lots to chat about this week so may have to put 2 posts in at some stage – sorry!


  • Jemm says:

    Those are great finds! I love the candy animals. I did think they were tin until you said they weren’t!

  • Hi ya sounds like you had a very full weekend!

    Love the easter basket and watering can, you are ahead of me havent brought anything for easter yet! (every year I dream of decorating our home with a few eastery decorations and then usually run out of time! as easter creeps upon me)lol. those easter choccies look very pretty too.

  • sharie says:

    Glad to hear you peeped in TKMaxx. I’ve never looked at the clothes either but dart off into the homeware section instead.

    Love the little green watering can and basket. Will look lovely as an Easter display

  • Lydia says:

    Nice buys! Isn’t it rude how domestic chores get in he way of more fun things?! I’d love to be in the garden too…


  • Bobo Bun says:

    Fantastic finds. I know what you mean about TK Maxx, you need the energy to enjoy rummaging.



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