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Didn’t she do well!

Typically the weather this morning is beautiful – wasn’t too great at the weekend was it?  Hope everyone enjoyed the extra day.  It’s nice knowing that it’s a 4 day week, then back to the weekend again!

In between showers we did manage to get out and about – more of which I’ll tell you about in another post.

The time we were in, I managed to get some crafting done.  I’d been meaning to make some bunting for ages, so finally got round to it.  It’s not quite as long as I would have liked as the intended place for it wasn’t quite right.  Where it is now breaks up the wall a little.  I then thought I’d make some to put on the website but this bunting ‘version’ took quite a long time as it’s a double layer of triangles and I fed the ribbon through it once turning the triangles the right way out.  I’ve got another, more simpler version on the go which I think I’ll sell.

I know on a previous post I said I was ‘cushioned’ out – well, obviously not! as I set to work on another.  I already had the cushion pad – but I got carried away and ending up making it too big so had to buy a bigger pad – why I didn’t check as I was going…….I’ve tried to be a little random with my fabric selection this time.

On top of all that I got a couple of dining chair cushion pads made too.  They haven’t added any comfort factor to the chairs, but I made them ‘because’!

I’ve got lots more to share, including some great thrifty finds so I’ll be back sooner than later this week.  Have a good day!


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