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Decorating, knitting and sewing

Back to Monday again………hope everyone had a good weekend? Mine was spent decorating, knitting and sewing and not in an order I would have liked but never mind!

Those who have read my earlier posts would have seen that I had decided on Farrow and Ball’s Breakfast Room Green for our bedroom. It was that colour originally but I had decided to have a change, didn’t really like it so went back to the original colour. Hubby of course said that if I had listened to him in the first place we wouldn’t be re-decorating it again!! So what…….

As much as I like the result, I get bored painting edges, especially when we have 5 doors to paint round in the room! Hope you like it as I’m pleased to be back in green again.

In between decorating I had to knit a bunny for a customer which I’ve done quite a lot of recently so I was knitting quite furiously to get him/her finished to post in time for Easter. I always seem to be busy making things for everyone else, I don’t have time to just sit and enjoy sewing or knitting things for me……….however I had some pretty retro fabric so played around with that and made a little toiletry bag. I sewed in some ribbon at the side to tie it up and all in all it came out quite well – what do you think?


  • Shabby Chick says:

    I think your room looks gorgeous in green :) My little one’s room is green and my bedroom in my old house was, I think it’s a great colour for a bedroom.

    I love that fabric you used for the toiletries bag and the little tie is fab.

    Mel xxx

  • Bobo Bun says:

    Thanks for your lovely comments about little bun.

    I think we all do that with decorating don’t we. I get an idea in my head and then find I’ve wasted tons of money and time on a colour I don’t actually like. At least your back and liking it again. It looks good as do thsoe cakes in your last post.

    Lisa x

  • Jemm says:

    Pretty bedroom! I love your bunny and toiletry bag. The fabric is so cute.

  • funkymonkey says:

    Your bedroom is a lovely colour. I’ve realised that it’s best to stick with what you like rather than follow trends. I’ve done it myself and then regretted it.



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