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Well here we are, mid week and day 3 of the school holidays – all going well so far…

We went to the local farm/activity place thingy on Monday with some friends and spent a glorious day there, complete unadulterated fun, as other schools are yet to finish.

Today, we’re off to the cinema to see Toy Story 3 with one of Toby’s friends which should be fun! and then many more activities are planned for the rest of the week.

All being well with the weather on Saturday we’re hoping to visit Kew Gardens, a place which has been on my ‘to do’ list for 2010 so I can’t wait for that.  There also happens to be a little fabric shop round the corner, so it would be rude not to visit whilst we’re in that neck of the woods.

Anyway, back to my title – colour.  I’m not a yellow sort of person, despite having dark hair I am pale in complexion so yellow (especially pale yellow) can make me look washed out.  However I couldn’t help but spend just £3 on this yellow necklace and ring at the weekend.  I love the chunky look of it and just a little bit of yellow won’t do any harm!

What colour do you take pleasure in at the moment?


  • Floss says:

    Pink, pink, pink! It’s not ‘my’ colour either – in fact I am very pink in the face so if I wear too much, ‘I look like a marshmallow’, to quote my dear mother. However, I’ve just been roaming my house in search of pink to make a pink-themed display on our mantelpiece and shelves, to match some stunning geraniums I’ve just brought into the house. So pink is a slight obession this morning. Funny that you should ask!

    Enjoy your holidays – they sound great so far.

  • Funnily enough, I’ve recently taken to yellow, having never been a fan. My real favourite though is orange, although I draw the line at orange clothes (on me, that is)!! Love the ring – v. cheering.

  • bellaboo says:

    Red,pink and blue are my favourite. I can wear most colours except orange,brown and dark green.
    Your yellow necklace and ring are lovely…very Summer-y.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  • Pink is fave colour although I’ve been going for turquoises and teal lately.
    I can’t wear grey, it makes me look ill. I love your ring, it’s fabulous.

  • pip says:

    it’s got to be blue… summer sky blue :)

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    Red is my favourite colour! I love it it is so bright and happy. Yet I actually wear a lot of Navy Blue!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  • Country Girl says:

    I’m making the most of a bit of a tan and wearing white a lot which makes me look awful in winter. Enjoy your holiday!

  • silverpebble says:

    Oof, teal, every time, but I’m coming round to mustard – I never liked it before.

  • Your colors are so sooooo Summery. I always find myself picking all shades of blue…
    Wishing you a happy happy Thursday! xx

  • I love that yellow – it can be difficult to wear, but just a little jewellery in that colour would spruce up any outfit – especially with that vintage look!


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