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Children will be Children

Jack was off school yesterday with a barking cough, inevitable really as Toby had it last week. Anyway, he does enjoy all his creative activities and being at home gave him the perfect opportunity to get on with it.

He made a table and chair out of paper and replicated what he thought our table looks like at meal times. He drew mats, plates, cutlery, a coffee pot?? and he sneaked some ice-cream on too. Our whole loft is filled with all of their creations and I find it really hard to separate those to keep and those to (shhhh ‘bin’)!

Later that evening they were both in the bath and got onto the subject of where babies come from. I remained out of sight as I didn’t want to be drawn in on the conversation. Jack thought it would be great if men could have boy babies and ladies have girl babies! Toby then complicated things by saying that Jack had come out of my ‘butt’ (sorry ladies to be crude). Jack thought that was disgusting. Fortunately that ended the discussion.

I’m really not looking forward to the time when we have to discuss the birds and the bees. I’m more than happy to talk about most things with them, but not ‘that’! As we have 2 boys, I’ll leave it to hubby………..maybe not!


  • i cant sew says:

    hello my new follower! what a lovely blog you have. i love childrens art, my girls continue to surprise me each time they start some new project. water colour pencils are the best invention:) have a great week
    %*_*% rosey

  • Shabby Chick says:

    Heeheehee that made me giggle! My eldest isn’t yet four and has already made a few tentative enquiries about how babies get out of your tummy etc.

    The table is brilliant.

    Mel xxx

  • Yes since having had Boo Bear my eldest La La does tend to dance around the subject. For now she is happy that babies live in mummies tummy and come out of there! this is more fuled by the fact I do have a large diagnal scar where I had to have a gall bladder operation 10 months after she was born!

    It kind of works and I am in no rush to correct her. Although she has been skirting round the how do the babies get in the tummy issue! eeek! lol.

  • bex says:

    hehehehe, when i started asking questions my mum and dad brought me a book!!!


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