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Childhood Annual’s – what was yours?

In typical fashion, the weather has let us down this half term, and if the weather reports are true, it will remain wet and dull for the rest of February…..

Despite this, we’ve remained upbeat – Jack thoroughly enjoyed his birthday with lots of exciting presents including Guitar Hero.  I always find it difficult buying presents for birthdays in Jan and Feb as I’ve lost the momentum from Christmas.  As he plays the guitar anyway, I thought Guitar Hero might be fun – and it is!  The ‘tunes’ are rock but you can really get into character with them – even I had a go!  The day was rounded off by a hearty, healthy (not) meal from McDonalds, then pancakes!!

Whilst we’ve enjoying time indoors, I’ve taken the opportunity to flick through some of my annuals and comics.  Unfortuantely most of my original annuals ‘disappeared’ so I’m having to start the collection again.  Aside from Enid Blyton, I was a great fan of Mandy, Bunty and Twinkle.  I always remember being bought Twinkle and a packet of sweets as a treat.  Heaven!  I always wanted to look like Twinkle as I thought she was so pretty!!

As I got older I moved onto Mandy and Bunty.  Not only did I collect the annuals but I always had the comics along with the picture story ‘books’ they did.  I can’t remember how often these came out but they were only 10p – you can’t even buy a pack of sweets for that now!

Both Bunty and Mandy seemed to have a great sense of fun and adventure, bordering on being tomboys – I aspired to being like that, but was quite content just reading about the adventures.

Interestingly enough, the game of table tennis in 1977 was one of the world’s most widely played games, how times have changed!

The rhyme out of the Mandy annual I have for February is:

F is for February, now it is here, E for an Extra day every fourth year, B for the Baby lambs frisking at play, R for Remember St Valentine’s Day, U for Umbrella Up! – here comes the rain! A for Appearance of snowdrops again, R for the Rushing of babbling streams singing, Y for the Yellow catkins a-swinging.  Three cheers for February, month number tow, Heralding springtime for me and for you!

I hope you enjoyed that bit of nostalgia. Toodle pip!


  • bellaboo says:

    Yes I did! Loved the trip down memory lane!
    Glad the birthday went well.Have the same problem with Mr boo’s birthday in January.Started off nice and sunny today…but rain forecast for later.Shame when the kids want to get out at half-term.

    Bellaboo :0)

  • Isobel says:

    Dare I say that me and Hubby have Guitar Hero too and we love it?? 😉

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    I was a Bunty and Mandy person! I never see the annuals perhaps I don’t look hard enough!
    Julie xxxxx

  • Sal says:

    Mine fave was Judy…followed by Bunty…and June..and Schoolfriend!!
    After that,my parents decided that I should read ‘ Look and Learn’!
    I hated it. 😉

  • I noticed that your puzzle says “Where’s Wally?” Here in the USA he is called “Waldo”.

  • I remember Twinkle comics. Where they they ones with the dolls hospital stories?
    Lucky us in Suffolk today have a lovely sunny day and my car thermometer said 8 degrees this morning- hope it lasts!

  • Mandy says:

    I loved Twinkle too! As I got a little older I read a comic called “Whizzer and Chips”. Anyone remember that?

  • Oh dear, I don’t remember reading or getting any of those… having three older brothers the only comics I remember reading are marvel comics that I pinched from their room…

    I was going to be a superhero and fly around and save the day… lol

    X Alex

  • Simply H says:

    Oh how I remember Twinkle! What fond memories that brings back. I too moved onto Bunty after that! I can still vividly remember the illustrations and how much I loved them!x

  • marigold jam says:

    For me it was Girls’ Crystal and Girl that were the in thing! This post was a trip back in time for sure!

  • Kate says:

    I’ve got a couple of Fairyland Annuals that I was given for Christmas in the 70’s but as far as mags go, all I remember is reading my friend’s copy of Jackie. I don’t think I had many mags of my own – boo hoo!!!

  • Twinkle was my fave, my dad always used to bring me the comic home when he went to buy his paper.

    I’ve recently been buying the annuals I had as a child.

    Victoria xx

  • louise says:

    I definitely remember have one Twinkle annual, with well scribbled and crayoned pages! x

  • I’ve been enjoying catching up with your blog! This one struck a chord, as I was wondering if I was the only person who remembered Twinkle!
    I had that when I was little, but then as I got older, I only occasionally read girls’ comics like Bunty. I got the Beano every week! The effect of having three brothers, maybe?


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