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Chairs and a drum roll…..please….

Hello All!

End of yet another week, wow it went quickly. Believe it or not my bric a brac goodies bought last week are still sat in carrier bags waiting for me to eagerly get them out and share them with you….I have been told patience is a virtue!! em..

Anyway, moving on. I’ve gathered the names for my giveaway, shaken them, stirred them and the winner of my simmering potpourri is……………………………….Noelle! Congratulations Noelle. Please email me with your address and I’ll get that off to you.

Something I’ve been looking forward to receiving is ‘The Chair’. I saw a bespoke chair in Cirencester a few weeks ago and thought I have to have it. Unfortunately it had been sold, so I asked if another could be made up and was so pleased that it could.
Did I think about where I was going to put it – no. I briefly did but loved it so much I knew there would be a ‘right’ place for it. You’re with me on this one aren’t you ladies?

I also knew that if our good friend CK sold them – they would be in the £100’s – my one was considerably less, bespoke, vintage and glorious. Fancy taking a look – go on then…

So there you have it….it is official though – I am chaired out. There is no way this house will take yet another chair.

Off to Country Living on Wednesday so I’m really looking foward to that. Hope to see some of you there. We should have blogger badges!

Have a great weekend.


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