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Cath Kidston bags x 2

Another day, another weekend – where did it fly?!  Hope you’ve had a good one.
Despite the miserable weather we decided we were not going to be beaten by it and ventured out for another ‘day out’  Our jolly days out incorporate National Trust and stopping off where we fancy along the way.

Whilst we were out I picked up Easy Living magazine to get the free Cath Kidston bag – what a useful size and shape.

I also spotted a ‘reduced in price’, yes that’s right, a ‘reduced in price’ CK bag.  I picked it up, put it down and picked it up again……hubby kindly asked if I would like it??!!  As he took it from my hands to go and pay, he noticed a horrible mark on the handle so we decided to leave it.

Another town, another shop I spotted the same bag which again was reduced in price with a further £5 off.  This time, hubby picked it up, marched over to the till and bought it for me.  It was obviously meant to be for me – don’t you think?

The shop had the most fantastic window display involving lots of coloured plastic flowers in planters, then a huge hoop hanging from the ceiling with plastic flowers wound round it.  Very kitsch but brilliant.  Wish I had taken a photo now (how many times do I say that!).

When we were in I pulled out from my ‘shed’ the baby Tri-ang ironing board.  I’d be meaning to do something with it for ages but not got round to it.  After giving it a good clean and polish I covered it with some floral fabric so it’s now sitting proudly in the utility room.

My list of WIP’s have increased considerably but all of that will have to be on hold as a mountain of orders have come in which is great so ‘solid’ work beckons this week.

Enjoy the day!


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